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Welcome to the Mind Body Business Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to the Mind Body Business Show. We have an amazing, amazing guest on tonight.

I cannot wait to bring her on. She is my sister from another mr. From days gone by. She's gonna rock the house. And you are in for a big treat. Stick with us because she is an expert with a capital E.. In what I consider to be the biggest pattern to success that we all possess. And I will tell you what that pattern is in just a moment. The mind body business show. What is that all about? Well, it is about those three patterns to success that I've discovered over studying only successful people over the last decade. And what I discovered over that decade is all of these patterns kept bubbling to the top of why are these people so successful? What is it about successful people that makes them any more successful than others? And I started recognizing these patterns develop. And the first of which is mind and hint, hint, wink, wink. That's the answer to our guests. Experts expertize is in the area of mind and mindset. And that is about having a very powerful and flexible mindset and having a very cleared out mindset. And we're gonna get deeper into that on this very show. I'm excited because mindset, in my humble opinion, is the number one most.

Underutilized and under targeted asset that we all have. If we all were to just concentrate on our mindset and get the help we need from professionals who know how to help us to clear our minds of all the garbage and the trash and replace it with beautiful gardens of beautiful flowing flowers, then our lives changed for the better. I know this personally because I've personally gone through certain mindset trainings in depth and it has been a life changer and we're gonna hit on that tonight a lot. And body, what is that all about? That is about literally taking care of yourself nutritionally and through exercise inside and out. And then there's business. Now, business is very multi, multi multifaceted. It requires many skill sets to become successful. Many skill sets like sales, marketing, systematizing leadership. The last one being the most important because there are many, many more. And the reason leadership is so important is because no one person, in my humble opinion, can master all of the skills necessary, not just to create a successful business, but to maintain and grow it. And the one key element, the one key skill set that all of these incredible, successful individuals that I studied had in the business realm was that they mastered the skill of leadership.

And when you've done that now, you can scale your business and delegate and bring in others who have those skill sets that you might not have at that moment. And so, though, that is what this show is all about. The Mind Body Business Show is a show for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. And I am here to help extract the secrets of highly successful people like the young lady you are about to meet. And so that you can simply model what they do. So you're gonna get a model what Terry does, and become successful. You're going to get the opportunity to connect with her and become more successful. And that's what this show is all about, is to help you to reach the goals that you desire and deserve. And another wonderful trait about highly successful people that to a person is is true is they are all very evident, voracious readers, readers of books. And I personally don't read books for decades. I kid you not decades. And about a decade ago, I finally woke up and realize the importance of it and began reading myself voraciously. And so what I want to do is really quickly segway into a segment I affectionately call bookmarks.

Bookmarks for to read bookmarks. Ready, steady, read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dot com.

Yeah, there you see, Richard, big library dot com right there on the site for those you watching live or on the recorded video. Now, just a quick word before we go on is do yourselves a favor. And right now take out that old fashioned parchment. Remember that stuff? It's called paper. And then there's this thing called a writing instrument, a pen or a pencil. And what I implore you to do is instead of running off to another tab on your browser and taking off and watching or looking at these resources that you're told about on this show, because there will be several Rezende do that just right down the Web addresses and take note to then go revisit them after you've either watched or listen to the show. Sound fair? Because here's the thing. The magic happens in the room. And if you were to divert, take your attention somewhere else. And Terry came with a golden nugget and you missed it because you were concentrating on something else. Well, I really would hate for that to happen. So stay here, stay in the virtual room and stay here for the magic because it's coming very soon. Terry is sitting in the wings and chomping at the bit. She can't wait to come on. And I can't wait to bring her. So let's get through this. Reach your peak library. It is a Web site I had developed with you in mind.

And I do not kid when I say that with you. The entrepreneur or the business professional, the person looking to get something better out of their life. This is my personal list of books that I myself have read and I vetted. These are all books that have had profound or some great positive effect on either my business life or my personal life or both. And as I scroll through here, you'll see about 40 or so books on this Web site. Not every book I've ever read is on this site. It did not cut the grade. So these are the best of the best. And I put them here for you so that you could at least have a targeted list of books to look at and look for from at least one other successful entrepreneur. It doesn't guarantee they're gonna have the same or even any profound effect on you, because we're different people, let's face it. But it increases your odds of picking a book and spending the time, the investment of your time reading a book that will give you results. And that is what that is all about. So go ahead, write down, reach your peak library dot com and visit it after the show is over. Because now is the time to bring on the superstar of the evening. Here we go.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight, savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big league qualified.

And there she is, ladies and gentlemen. Go on. They only Terry. Well, man, how are you doing this evening?

My sister is doing really, really well. Thank you for having me.

I love it.

So we've known each other for probably 200 years. It's been amazing. Amazing ride. It's funny. This is one of those individuals that it's a mutual feeling that when we met, it's like we've known each other forever and it's fun. It has a great sense of humor. She's also very, very intelligent. She also cares deeply about your success. And that's why she's on the show. You know, all those all those traits and so many more I'm sure that we could go into. But I want to before I actually formally bring you on, Terry, sorry to be a tease here, but for all of you watching and listening, stay on to the end, because at the end, you will have the opportunity to win a five nights day at a, you guessed it, five star luxury resort. All compliments of the big insider secrets. You see the red logo up here on the upper right hand corner of your screen, nominal phenomenal educational system and company by a dear, dear friend of mine who brought this prize to our show. And we give this this out every single week on the show. And yes, there will be a time, and I hope very soon where you can actually cash in on that present fly and have a wonderful time and a wonderful resort.

So do stick onto the end so that we can give you the opportunity to be that one to weigh of the ticket in other people's presence, to say, I'm leaving as soon as I can. I'm out of here. So let's bring on the woman of the hour. Terry is an experienced entrepreneur, speaker, professional development trainer, executive coach and best selling author. We're just beginning here who became certified in various holistic modalities after experiencing multiple burnouts. Who can relate with this and health crisis? Terry integrates her experience, practical and holistic knowledge and wisdom and deep intuition into programs and speeches that develop leaders and entrepreneurs into highly intuitive puzzle solving ninjas who integrate the practical, tactical, logical, physical, energetic, spiritual and emotional. I could go on for days. We're gonna cut it off there. And now officially Welcome Terry to the show. How're you doing once again this evening? And what are you up to lately? Terry, I want to hear what's going on in your life.

Oh, jeez. You know, everybody's working from home. It's a wonderful thing. I have one downstairs. He's working off of the dining room table. And I am here in my office. And in the 25 years we have lived in this house, I've spent more time in this office.

Blast that's happened. That's 25 years, because I usually like to sit in the den. He goes to work. I sit in the den.

We have this gigantic eight foot slider. I love to look at on the deck in my little fountain with the angels and this and that and all the birds and trees and blah, blah, blah, blah. And now he's sitting in the dining room and he's on his zoom and he's too loud. So I am here in my office.

Fantastic. Now, you're you are very diverse. You've done a lot of things. You have a lot of a lot of talents, a lot of talents, especially in the area of mindset. And what I wanted to do is and this is what I love to ask each of the successful entrepreneurs, it comes on the show. So we get to learn a little bit about you through the intro and the bio on things. And that's kind of on the level above above ground. I like to say mentally, what I like to do is dig a little bit deeper. And what I mean by that is get into that big, beautiful brain of yours and find out exactly what it is about you that helps you to be to reach the levels of success that you have because everyone else can benefit from your experience and what you do to maintain that. So when you get up in the morning, Terry, you know, being an entrepreneur, as we know, is super simple. It's a piece of cake. It's a walk in the park. And I am being totally sarcastic.

There, of course, is not really.

And so every day we meet challenges. And that's what's special about entrepreneurs is, you know, bring it bring me another one. It's OK. But for you, you know, knowing that when you get up everyday isn't perfect and there are those days, what is it that really motivates you? Like when you first come to and you're you're awake and the day is in front of you and you're ready to take it on. What is it that keeps you driven to do what you do each day, day in and day out?

Well, the very first thing that I do when I open my eyes is I take a deep breath and I breathe into my heart to get my brain and my heart connected. Because there's a lot of science behind that and with the Heart Method Institute. And way back in 2001 when I got my license, I was taught when you connect the brain in the head with the brain and the heart. You're in alignment. And cohere in a very coherent space. So I take a very deep breath and I shift into gratitude. I am thankful for my pillow on my bed and thankful for my sheets and thankful to people made them all and thankful for the bed. I'm thankful for the weather outside.

Whatever is going on here, I go into a place of gratitude and that place of gratitude allows me to open the door to allow whatever comes in that day to be a positive thing. Now, is all of it positive? No. But because of the mindset, the positive mindset that you're in, it allows you to look at the stuff that lands in your lap that's not so good from a different perspective. And that's really the thing. It's perspective. Do I react? Yes, of course I react, especially with my specific behavior style. In my early days, I was definitely reactor No two ways about it. I reacted and that would naturally can get you into trouble because you're not hearing, seeing and listening to the other things that are really important in that specific moment in time. There's a lot of information in those things. It took me a long I do what I do today because I teach what I had to learn for myself. I've a lot of pain since I was 18.

I love it all. All of it. It's amazing. And I love this attitude of gratitude that you wake up with. And it is so powerful. It's so easy to do. Why not just do it every single day? What are you going to lose? I'm talking to other people. Not you, Terry. Of course. What what what is there to lose? I mean, if you're let's say you're commuting into a place of work and some still do and many will be back to doing that. Why not spend that time think being thankful of everything that you can observe as you're driving and do it repetitively and it doesn't matter how small it is. You just you put yourself in that that zone. I like to say. And now problems become less severe and solutions become more readily available. It's amazing. A note of gratitude. Glad we got some cool people coming up. Got Mr. David Fagan just getting to know Terry, but very impressed. Yes. As am I, my friend. Yeah. Let's reconnect that. Yeah. And then all the way from the Philippines.

Eliza, she is an amazing young woman, has worked with our company in the past and is often on here watching. Appreciate you for coming on all the time, Eliza. Good morning to you. In the Philippines. And that's that's phenomenal. The attitude of gratitude. So in my humble opinion and I wonder if you would agree, Terry, but the mind is, is the reason we are where we are right now. No matter if your success or in a place of sort of scarcity, it's all about where you have decided to put yourself. And it's no one else's fault but yours. And no one else's cause but yours. Do you agree with that?

I agree with that 100 percent. And I wanted to take your car scenario a bit deeper, if I may. Yes, please. We get into the car now in the days when we were all going to work, if slide behind the wheel and you're sitting there thinking about this, this, this, this, this and this. I challenge you. And this is a home. This is an exercise I would love for everyone to do. I challenge you to get behind that wheel and to actually feel the steering wheel under your hands, actually feel the seat under you actually feel yourself turning the key on. And as you're driving to work, stay. Take a deep breath and get fully present in the moment. And notice the trees. Notice nature. Notice the buildings. Notice the cars around you. Notice the people around you. Do not think about work. Do not think about the future. Do not think about all that stuff. Stay fully present in the moment and only focus. Only focus on what you see right smack in front of you. And notice what's good about it. You know, it's spring. The trees are starting to lead to blossom. The flowers are starting to come out. You know, lower your windows. Take a deep breath. Bring in the smell of those flowers in the trees. Unless you're allergic, you've got another problem. But they fully present in the moment. And by the time you get to work, you're in a very different place than sitting there thinking instead, oh, I've got to talk with this person.

I have to talk with that person. Listen to the words. I have to talk with this person. I have to talk with that person. Oh, I just can't stand that. You know, getting hit with this, I did it. You were already setting yourself up in a negative mindset. And when you do that, when it ends up happening, is that the court is all in your body rises. And as it rises, it's creating havoc in your body. It creates the muscle pain, the muscle aches. It makes you gain weight. It increases the blood pressure. It does all kinds of happy nonsense to your body that you don't really want. It contributes to disease. It makes disease worse. So on your way to work, take a deep breath and instead look at the beauty of what's around you. And that is going to set the stage for a much different day at work. And if things go bad, you take a deep breath. Breathe into your chest. Think of something that feels good for 60 seconds, that's all you need to do. Make it very, very real. And that little piece right there, I call it the quick shift zone. Your cortisol levels are going to drop, your DHEA levels are going to rise, and it's going to allow you to look at things from a different perspective and a different mindset. So that might you know, the mind body piece is huge and it's going to help you as an entrepreneurial leader in business and in life.

Excellent day. I was taking notes. I'm running this whole thing. You know, director, producer, actor, post, all that good stuff. And so I'm not asking you to do anything that I wouldn't do. That is take notes and write it down on a piece of paper. That's why I love to put my guest on full screen so I can write like a madman. While they're dropping these nuggets of value. And one of the things that struck me was when you said, I have to talk with this person, I have to do this. And it's something along that same line. I always teach my team and anyone around me that I hear saying that. Can I just ask him to do a simple reframe? So, like, this is taking it to an extreme because nobody likes doing the dishes. But we say I have to do the dishes. Well, instead, maybe. Could you say I get to do the dishes? And so what does that mean? Well, now you're your subconscious is going it's working and saying, well, that means I'm thankful that I have a sink to do the dishes. Then I'm thankful that I have dishes to wash. I have running water with which to do the dishes. Hopefully I have soap to go with that. Maybe I'm in a dwelling place that I get to live in and it just brings up that attitude of gratitude you talked about in the beginning.

Terry laughing, crying hard. Bad examples, Brian, because we live on a well.

And let me tell you why. Because somebody likes to think gone or a toilet running or we have a bazillion people here and we just run the well dry. I sit there, you know, it's like, oh, my gosh.

So when the water comes back on, you better believe we are grateful that we get to do the dishes. We get to get it. You are so up on that.

And I think the farther you take that, the better the results will be for you. Like dishes. You know, what's another one that's doing the laundry? Yuck. You know, housework, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom. Okay. I get to clean the bathroom. Yes, that's a good one. I mean, there's so. But how many people don't even have a bathroom? How many people don't have what you have? And it's not to make you feel guilty. It's to make you feel thankful. It's just the opposite. It's to make you feel blessed. And it's just amazing to me, Terry. I know the old me. I've just I know ten, eleven years ago, I would've thought what we're talking about right now is a bunch of woo woo, you know, get away from me. This is dumb. And now I'm mature getting old, man. Fifty five now. And I think there's nothing more important than feeding your mind what it was designed to be fed. And that is positive thoughts and positive reinforcement, not only for what's around you, but for yourself. Too many of us are kicking ourselves in the butt when we should be giving ourselves credit.

You're absolutely right.

That business is changing.

You know, when I enter a manufacturing company in my late 20s, we built electrical control panels and baggage racks for the railroad industry and.

The world that I lived there was railroad, railroad, OK?

There were no women in railroad. And here I am, a Hispanic woman with this manufacturing company. And I've always thought the way that I think, you know, this is I've always had this very positive streak and I'm with all of these very left brained engineering men. And God still keeps bringing me engineers. I work with a lot of engineering mindset, engineering brains. And I really couldn't be myself because it was all about how to watch every word and whether it was left brained or not. Yes, I do have the left brained. I do have I am very much left brain, as you can see, just even from my office. I have the angels here. I have all the angels here, and I've got all the books over here. And I sit right in the middle of them. So I've got a you know, I integrate all of it. However, when I own that manufacturing company, let me tell you, it was intense and these very, very, very, very left brained engineers would not listen to my intuition.

And my intuition was always right. And it costs them a lot of money, but unfortunately, I'm the one that paid the price because we were working for six months, seven days a week, 17 hours a day. And my doctor basically said, you're not going to reach 33. You're going to. And so people are listening.

Business is different today, and I think with a lot of the changes that have happened in our world, people are beginning to realize the necessity of truly integrating mind body, truly integrating the practical WU.

In every game that we do of that practical, that's also. I have never heard that before. Really cool. Oh, my goodness.

So switching gears just a little bit, because I do want to really dove deep into understanding what you do for people in your business. And along those lines, you know, being an entrepreneur, as you can attest, takes a lot of skills like I opened up in the show and there are wide and varied. And I barely I don't think I hit 10 percent of them when I mentioned them. Among all of the skills necessary to become and maintain successful success and successful, they didn't work. I got check my English, Brian. And to do that, to maintain, you know, to become successful and then to grow your business and continue that upward climb. Today, if you were to take a snapshot right now, what would you, Terry, say are the top three skills that you would say are necessary to achieve that?

Passion for what it is you're doing. And I'm going to put this in the number one slot. Passion, love and joy, passion, love and joy is the number one.

It's critical to running a great business. Number two is surrounding yourself with a fantastic team. You cannot do it all on your own. You truly, truly can't. Your team is key. And so many entrepreneurs say to me, oh, I don't have enough money to get it. You know what? There are a lot of resources that will. That you can tap into from internships at universities to other companies who have resources that people who may have just the talent that you need, just the right price to assist you to get to where you want to be. And number three, money comes in. Number three, prosperity. You know, prosperity is huge. It's. And it's focusing on prosperity from a global perspective. Mind the you know, the mind body connection, self care, continuing with knowledge. So, number three, the gold is in the self care and the gold is in being able to communicate and listen with folks. So that's all part of prosperity. And the mind, body, connection, communication, leadership, all of that falls into that level three under the banner of prosperity. So, Lovejoy, passion your team and then prosperity. If you put money first and there is not anyone I know who has put money first, who has truly succeeded. Because when you put money first, you're always going after the money, the money, the money, the money and the people I know. They may be succeeding financially, but they're not succeeding in their relationships. They're not succeeding in their health. They're absolutely flaming miserable.

Wow. That's it. Mike, drop all of it. I am not kidding, Terry. I love those three skills. I haven't. No no one that has preceded you has ever mentioned any of those three as being the most important. Now, it's it's important to note that this is what is important in one's current state, in their own walk with their success. That's what I love about these, because they're always different. But this one this one really stood above to me. I'm getting chills because you're my sister passing passion, joy and love. I mean, you're so right. I mean, if you don't love what you do, then what the heck are you doing? Sorry, I'm not shaming anyone.

Throw off that you're burn out. If you don't love what you're doing, you will burn out. Now you can still burn out because there's a lack of boundaries. Sure. Sure. You can love what you're doing, which is what happened to me. I burned out because I loved what I was doing, but I didn't have the right boundaries. So but when you love what you do and you put the right boundaries and it's just amazing what happens and what you focus on expands and expands and the universe will give you more. And the universe is going to bring just the right people and just the right tools and just the right stuff to help you get to where you want to be. But those three things have to be key first.

And I've seen it. It pains me because these are people I care about. I've seen many I know many who claim they're passionate about something, but really other passion about the riches at the end of the rainbow. You know, they've talked themselves into thinking that they love it. You know, that's what a lot of shiny object syndrome entrepreneurs are usually guilty of is. They're running after money more than the cause of the pack. The yeah. The mission, the purpose. But here's the thing, Terry. I've noticed, you know, when you're first starting out as an entrepreneur and you don't have the traction yet, you don't have clients yet. There is a big part of it that you must be money centric in the beginning because you need the money to survive. So you have to find ways to get the money. And as you're growing the money and that's becoming more abundant. That's when you see the shifts of those who decide to grow into maturity. I call it an entrepreneur phase, like was it. The myth revisited by Michael Gerber talks about the three phases of business and they get to the point where money is never it's not the focus anymore. It is now about serving others. It's now about expanding their employee base, helping more people, scaling, like you said, a fantastic team. Wow. You're the first one that's brought that up. That is so I think that is so on point that shocked the living daylights out of me.

I mean, you are passionate about that, about something. And you're going as a solo kronur. You will burn out. Guaranteed. I know. I've been there. You've been there, Terry, because you've got to have help. You are so absolutely right. And then those that are saying you don't have the money. We've all been there. I've been there. But Terry has had those thoughts, too. Yes. The key is overcoming those thoughts. And that's where we're gonna segue way pretty soon. And what Terry does to help you with that is to get over that resistance and hesitation was limiting beliefs that are keeping you from doing what you really should be doing, that, you know, you should be doing that. You're just holding your back, your self back with excuses and reasons and some of it's subconscious. And Terry can help clear this out for you because she's an amazing woman and vent out, you know, with with getting help. I have apprentices that work with me. I never say for me literally at just over two dollars an hour is their rate. That's it. It's out there. They're out there. And they're amazing. They're they're fantastic. I've got a whole system around it.

And so just you'll figure it out if you are that passionate about something, right. Terry, you're gonna figure out how to make it work. If you're burning up, you'll figure it out. And it's not all about you, though. What about a team beyond a team? Right. Mentors, coaches, friends, the thing driving.

It seen that in the in the beginning. You need to be very money conscious. But you know what? When you have love during impassionate the very beginning and you've got a great team to support you, the money is going to automatically come in. So that best thing that people fail to realize, the money will flow once your priorities are in order.

Yeah, that's true. That's true. Very true. It is about you know, I've been in network marketing in and out, and I see all the the mega recruiters who are in for the quick kill. They're just looking for the next recruit, next recruit. But they're not there to support. The people are recruiting. And it's the house of cards because they're all in it for the quick kill. The fast cash. Same thing. It's built on a on a foundation of sand instead of stone. So all of this and then prosperity and self care. Communication. He is. We have a team yet to communicate. I know an organization right now that has been around for years, not just weeks or months. And the communication is still horrible and they're suffering. All of these things play together. By the way. It's not just one thing that's going to heal everything that's going. That's not going right right now. And it's a process and it takes time. But here's a beautiful thing. You have somebody like this right here who can help you navigate those waters. Thank you. And Terry, to that end, I this is the time I want to dove into this. Exactly what is it you do? Who do you serve? And then we'll get into how people can connect with you. A little bit later on the show. But let's I really want to find out what is it that you do and what impact are you having on those people that you've already worked with?

Well, I work with entrepreneurial leaders who are ready to leap off the stress hamster wheel and leap into what I call the calm, ease and flow zone. And what emerges from that? Because they learn how to look at things from different perspectives as I talk about before they evolve into unstoppable, resilient, intuitive leaders. And to be at that place as a as an entrepreneur is absolutely huge, because when you wonder, stand how you're thinking and how it affects your energy, your body and how you are interacting with people. It's called, you know, it's law of attraction, folks and peoples. And the law of attraction doesn't work. Well, guess what? Law of Attraction works 24/7 because Law of Attraction works based on your mindset. All right. It's energy. It's vibration. So if you're negative all the time that you know that more that stuff lands in your lap. If you're positive all the time, more that stuff lands in your lap. The thing is. Oh, well, I mean, I know I'm positive. I know. I'm really, really positive. And I tried it and nothing happened. Okay. I hear that a lot. But guess what? It's the subconscious stuff that gets in the way that you're not aware of. We carry around a lot of emotional baggage that unfortunately we bring to it. We bring into our world from our environment where we were raised and the different situations and the things that happen in our lifetime. And they affect us. And unless we clear out that emotional baggage, I have worked with entrepreneur over entrepreneur, over entrepreneur who gets so close to the finish line.

They are right there. They are ready to cross. And all of a sudden it is like a cartoon. Their heels go in and they start going backwards because it's a fear of success.

It's a fear of not enough. Oh, I'm not good enough. Lack of self-esteem. Lack of not being worthy.

Anxiety, worry on and on and on and on. All that emotional baggage gets in the way of being able to cross over that finish line into the land of success.

So what I do. I am certified in an AP Emotion Goodbody code, Ifti. On and on and on and on. And doesn't that stuff doesn't matter.

You know, I've got a big if you can imagine a big carpet bag. I don't have a carpet back that a big carpet pack that's got all these different tools. And I just pull out just the right thing for you. Everything is customized and we clear out all of that emotional crap that is in your way because you're the only one who's who's stopping yourself from being the success that you want to be. So we clear it out and oh, my gosh, it is so juicy and delicious. When you cross the finish line feeling so good because you did it, you did it. There is nothing worse than that constant voice back here. There from, you know, parents or siblings or friends who say, what are you doing that for? What are you doing that for? And they squash your dreams. And, you know, in your heart, your soul, you feel it in yourself is you really, really, really want to do it. You're meant to do this, but you allow these people, men and women, to talk, you know, constantly talking here. And we we get rid of all that nonsense. And I propelling you to to a place where you live your dreams successfully and it's your dream. Trust me.

I mean, it's I, I really hope everyone is taking notes. It's Golden Nugget after Golden Nugget. My pages full now. OK. Amazing, amazing value. Rich, valuable information. And, you know, really harping on the fact that it's all about mindset. The fact that you're talking about the subconscious.

I'm so glad you said that because, you know, I don't know if a lot of people know this, but when you compare your conscious brain to your subconscious brain, the amount of control and power comparatively. You know, there's different numbers, but they're always around close. They're really 90 percent subconscious, 10 percent something that's 20, 80. Things like that. That the subconscious is a very, very powerful. Yes.

You know, brain. Let me put that into the picture for you. So it's easy for the listeners to understand where I'm going with this. You know, the Titanic was sunk by what was not seen. So let's imagine the iceberg. The top part of the iceberg is what everybody sees. OK? It's your actions and your behavior. It's your words on and on and on. That's the tip of the iceberg. The bottom two thirds of that iceberg. That is all the subconscious stuff. It's the hidden stuff that's soft. The Titanic. It's the hidden stuff that keeps sinking us. And is doing the same thing over and over again. Oftentimes, the specific action you're taking could be the right thing. But it's this stuff up here that is holding it back and that's that lower two thirds that gets in the way mass the stuff that I live to work with to get rid of.

Ditto, ditto. Yes, that's a great metaphor. I love that. And I used to put up a graphic and once I spoke from stage and taught A.P. from stage and I literally had a picture of an iceberg. And many use that analogy in A.P. to talk about the 10 percent, which is this much, and then the rest of it, which is massive and it's under the water.

And that's where that's the power of your brain.

We're not talking about our brains. We're not like your brain. You that are watching either. Listening. What if you could tap into that? What if you could reprogram it? Because we cannot consciously access it. Or can we? Yes. Because there might be someone who knows how to do just that. And the only thing that's going to do is give you the results you've been wanting and desiring and deserving your entire life and better.

Your body is going to feel better.

It's absolutely true. I can say this with absolute certainty because I've experienced it both as a student, someone who received the A.P processes. I my my background is A.P. and then one who has applied those processes to many people, even a sea of people in in a training facility and a seminar. Watching them transform before your eyes is the biggest gift in the world. But knowing that they're coming in as a totally different person the next day, it's so fulfilling for me. But it's I'm just happy for them. And I implore of you, all of you watching, listening. If you have not gone through any kind of mindset, I only want to call it work. It's play. It's fun because you get results and they don't take weeks, months or years. And then P terms, it's seven minutes for certain processes like that. Your mind wants to change. It wants to change. Now it's just accessing the right tools in the right sciences that are proven, that exist today. And there's someone here that can help me do that right here.

Right here, Terry. That's really cute. You just said these are a lot of energy psychology tools that exists today. And there are more tools every day that are emerging. And it's interesting that so many medical doctors are finally looking at this. They are finally getting it that the mind is so powerful. Oh, it's just the placebo effect. Who cares if it works? It's the power of the mind and the beautiful thing within our pain then with emotion could embody code. And, you know, you've got MDR and you've got the tapping that people use, you know, using the acupuncture points, also known as the motion of freedom technique. You know, all of these different tools and modalities that are coming up. They're coming up and being downloaded to people for a reason.

It's time.

You know, we our medical system is phenomenal. And, you know, science is great. But guess what? These other tools in combination with it, create magic and miracles in huge ways.

And it does. And it it does seem like magic. It does. The first time I experienced it is like, wow, this stuff works. You know, I mean, that was one I'll never forget. One time I literally got up. I was in a I went through an advanced A.P. course to train to be a trainer. And at that moment, we were on the other side. We were on the client side. The change chairs, we call it all. Just remember when the first time one of these processes was applied to me. And I felt the change immediately. I literally I was I was blown away.

I got so excited. I jumped up and I ran around the room, literally ran a regular. And I'm like, I don't know what I was saying, but I know I remember the instructor saying other people are still in their process, like, oh, I didn't know I was doing this. It was like, awesome.

And for those that might have this. Preconceived notion of mindset work and, you know, when you hear terms like entropy or hypnosis, a lot of people kind of retract and get a little bit scared. I used to be the same way I really was. And I just want to let those people know that all hypnosis, when you talk about hypnosis, that's really where people go, that that's what they equate everything to because that's what they know. And I've seen it so many times, and I was one of them. I will be honest. And the thing to do is address that, because all hypnosis is self hypnosis. In other words, you cannot be forced or coerced to do anything that isn't already in your value system subconsciously. So if you're not a person who goes out and, you know, does damage to other people in any way, shape or form, that's not part of you. You are not going to be able to be coerced to do that. If you're a believer in a certain religion, you're not going to be coerced into believing something else. Like, if you're a Christian, you're not going to become a.. And vice versa. It's just that's what is inbred in your value system. Once I learned that, I was like, man, let's take that. Let's take the guard down and let's go make some, you know, get get in line with somebody like this who wants to help you, who has everything but the best of intentions for you so that the people that you work with and then go all in and just trust in the process. Within five minutes, you will completely trust Terri. If you don't already have it, you. Yes. She is amazing. So, yeah. I mean, we could go. A couple more hours on this, Terry, so here.

Back over to you. Well, you know what? We're talking a lot about mindset, but the. The next level is ones we work with mindset. Where do you go from there? So, you know, it's about when I work with my clients. I work on their intuition. I help them trust their intuition. So many entrepreneurs or business leaders don't trust their intuition. Who here has not listened to their intuition and live to regret it? And it's because they don't trust it. So I help my clients trust their intuition, figure out which which entrepreneur are which intuitive strength is their strength. I mean, are they psychic? Do they hear words? Do they feel it? Or are they kind of said, you know, what? Is it clearer? Are they clear? Audio and clairvoyant, clear, cognitive and clear sense hint, you know, finding out which one and which combination is really key to helping you. Trust your intuition. And a lot of that is practice. And then the next step is communication. How do you communicate? Do you. What is your behavior style? I love to work with the disk profile. I've been using disk profile since I had since nineteen ninety three. When I read my very first report and I'm reading this report.

I'm sitting there going, Oh is that me. That's not me. No, ask me. Oh that's mania. Yeah.

I like that part. I did. And I put it away. And two weeks later after I put my girls to sleep, I was. I pulled it back out again. I started reading it. And every single thing that I wrote and highlighted that I didn't like. I realized that I had done in those two weeks and that I thought. It is time to learn this. And did I get certified in this? And I learned a lot about the emotions that each behavior style carries, which allows me then to communicate positively with an individual. By understanding on the surface where they're going, because disk reads, body language, voice tone as well as the words. And so between communication, leadership skills, working with intuition and clearing out the emotional baggage and then we get into systems. For an entrepreneur, I'd say it will not work with an entrepreneur. Analysts who work with mindset first.

And I couldn't agree more. I mean, there's no point.

Well, you're right. And, well, I'm not going to say there's no point when it has proven to me over and over again. And I have a lot of. I've had a lot of folks want to hire me and see why I went and help me work with my systems as well. Will help you work with your system. Once you figure out why your systems are the way they are now and why is it that the systems are the way they are? And why do you feel safe with the systems and you're doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a difference? We need to get to the core of that. We need to get to the bottom of that. And what I find is when we integrate all of it together, the results are very powerful, strong and dynamic. But you have to want to do it. You can take a horse to water. We can't make them drink.

And that's something I learned is once I found a mentor that I trusted and who had the results I sought that I wanted as well. I decided to go all in and just do what they recommended to do without finding it, without arguing about it, without thinking I could do it a different way. I don't. I've been there, done that, and I got nowhere as a result. Like, you talk about crossing the finish line and helping people get there. I can't tell you how many times, Terry. I got right to the end and I tripped over my shoelaces and not make it. And over and over and over, for all the reasons you mentioned. I was reliving every one of them.

And thank goodness, you know, I met my mentor who helped me get to the point where I now I was I was telling you before the show, just crossing that line and going over the crest. And you know what? It's not going to go downhill. It's going to keep going up. And I'll be another finish line because it never ends. And I love that about entrepreneurship. But it's that first one that everyone wants. You know, that first experience. Gosh, if I could just do this right. And I love that that is where your focus is. And, you know, to put it in layman's terms, for all those watching and listening, that is what Terry does free. She gets the results to help you get past that finish line of yours. What is your goal? I want to open my first business. I want to have my first 100, my 100th client come to the doors or come online. Whatever your goals are, it's there's that self sabotage in our self, our subconscious that's keeping us from getting there or limiting beliefs that Terry so eloquently talked about, many of them. And she can help you to wheat, you know, weed out that beautiful garden of your brain where you have nothing but the beautiful flowers and thriving vegetables and fruits that will keep you going and thriving for years to come, because this is a permanent fix for you once it's cleared out. I'll talk about that. Terry, you were saying about something about how your business model is not to be there forever for someone, but to give them the tools.

Right. Right. Right. Well, I'm all about awakening the possibilities. That's my tagline. It's intuitive leadership. And the tagline is awaken the possibilities. I have a Facebook group called the Making the Possibilities, and I have a podcast called Awaken the Possibilities. So bringing awakening your possibilities is key. And when we awaken your possibilities and we're clear on your goals and we're clear on how you're going to get there and what it is you're going to do. You know, I am all about teaching you how to feed yourself and the tools that I use. I teach them to you in a way that you will be able to use them for yourself. So you don't need me. It's about working my way out of a job. And that's really what I look at, where leadership is concerned. It's about raising people. Helping people get to where they are.

A lot of coaches, a lot of leaders, they're scared that their proteges are going to be better than they are. I want you to be better than me. I want you to be up there because guess what?

You have a mission on this planet. You have a mission on this earth. My mission is to be here in the middle between the angels and my injuries are on this side of my left brain books on this side. And to hold a hold you up so that you can get to where you want to be and you're expected and need to be because guess what? Your tribe is waiting for you. That my tribe. It's your tribe. Your tribe is waiting for you. And I would love to be able to help you be there in mind, body and spirit in a way that you attract your ideal audience, a way that you're clear in your vision and your mission, in a way that your entrepreneurs that that your business is has a really good, solid foundation, doesn't have that saying that you were talking about earlier, Brian. It is it is solid. And you can stand on your own two feet and then you just tap into these. Any time that you need a. Terry Fix.

That's that's one of the many things I love about you.

I'm just gleaming over here because, you know, you could easily leave out an ingredient or a step or a whole process or two and make it so they have to keep coming back to you easily. And what you just explained tells me so much about you that you're all about abundance. You have zero scarcity mindset. It's about helping people to achieve their greatness. Not helping Terry to become a multi-millionaire. Which, by the way, I did not say which.

By the way, I honestly hope you, if you are honorary there, that you do achieve that and you far exceed it because of what you do. You know, it's OK for people to make money. It's OK for people to make a lot of money, especially someone like Terry. Why? What are you going to do with that money? She's going to serve and help more people in the business. And it's it's not it's more of a responsibility, not just a desire to make more money. As an entrepreneur, if you are serving and helping others, just like Terry is so please become incredibly wealthy so you can continue to do what you do and pass on your knowledge to others to carry the torch whenever that time comes. It's amazing what you do, and I love just listening to you because your heart is so gorgeous. You know, you just you just have. You love helping people and they say that I'm here to get you out of my out of my office so that you can take care. It's like kicking the can. Are the birds the nest or the nice.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And I get that.

But as with kicking a kid out of the house or letting them move on in life, we're still always there in case they need us. Right. So you have that lifeline, that support line.

And as you were talking before the show, I mentioned that I, I raised my children.

To be independent.

And strong so that the day that I'm not here, I mean, I could be gone tomorrow. The day that I'm not here, they can stand on their own two feet. I don't want them to be dependent on me. I don't want that. Now, when am I going to be there for them to help them and support them? Absolutely. But darn it, I want them to be on their own stand on their own two feet to be able to make their choices, to make their mistakes as much as every mom and dad. I really you know, we try. You know, one of the worst things a parent can do is to get in the way of their children making mistakes. You're right. Because our kids people learn from mistakes. And when we try to sanitize the world. Exactly. When we try to sanitize the world from and avoid our children making mistakes. It's one thing to give them counsel. It's one thing to share insights with them. But ultimately, they need to make the decisions and learn for themselves because that's how they're going to navigate through life. I see these helicopter parents and these kids who are not allowed to make mistakes. And my heart hurts for them.

It's just gonna put them behind everyone else who was brought up, allowed to make mistakes. And so I agree. I mean, it's a fine line, especially the parents. They love their kids so much, they don't want to see him hurt and that there's nothing wrong with that. But there is there is that balancing act of when do I let them go, make their own mistakes?

Just don't. Yeah. I don't want to be come a preacher on the subject, but I agree with everything you're saying. Terry. Completely. It's you know, there are times I have over done it on helping my kids. I'll be the first to admit it. And then then I'll say, whoa, back up. Let them take care of what they want to do. And it's hard. It is. It is hard to do that. One thing I, I promised and I stuck true to it that I would never do is try to have them or ask them to walk in my footsteps, to follow in my footsteps, to do what I do. I said, no, I'm just going to let them know what the choices are. And, you know, give them the positives and negatives of each and say, and if you want help or further discussion, I'm here. But I want you to decide. And I will love you every ounce as much. No matter which way you go, it doesn't matter. I mean, yeah, it doesn't matter to me. As long as they're happy. If they made the choice. That's right. For them. That's all that matters to me. That's the way it is with the way you are treating your people that come through your doors. You're giving them your you're empowering them to be self-sufficient, to make the choices they need to make.

I love it there. I have a very funny story for you. Real quickly, you know, we're we're we're a Navy family, right? My husband retired from the Navy after 25 years. Well, unbeknownst to us, when my daughter was going through college and she was choosing colleges, she decided to go to this one university because it had the entire ROTC program in it. And we're looking at a guy. What do you want to go into the Navy? You're kidding. OK. Well, we had, you know, whatever. So she went out and she went on to this one tour and she called me up. She zmm I'm going to be the weapons officer on board the ship. And I just sat there and I went to what the weapons officer and I just said I couldn't speak. I was a little dumbfounded. And there's something you don't know about me. You know, my degrees in law enforcement is in criminal justice. I was in law enforcement in my early 20s, in my mid 20s. And I am very quiet and I meditated on it because I was like, oh my God, my kid is going to be the weapons officer on board this ship. And I heard these words get over a tree. Her guns are just bigger than yours were. Oh, well, that's funny. So, you know, I'm like, OK, that I'll put it in perspective for me. Her guns are just bigger than my wear. So, you know, our kids following in our footsteps. Sometimes they do. And you have no clue how that's gonna happen.

It's true. Yeah. You see it like way. Way. When did this happen? How come you're doing what? Oh, no. I don't know if I want you to do that, but. OK, go ahead. I'll help if you want. I hope I didn't completely brainwash you into doing next. I certainly don't want to.

Well, hey, you know, we're getting near the end, which I cannot believe. And there's a couple of things left to do, actually, three things left to do. But one is I love to ask a particular question of every one of my guests, experts who come on the show, Terry.

And it it's an amazing question because it's very, very personal. And I don't mean that in a get into your knickers kind of personal way. It's it's just unique to every individual. Let's put it that way. OK. And that's all. It's nothing deep. The interesting thing is some some respond like, bam, they have it. Others take some time to ponder. And for you, whatever it is it takes is perfectly fine. Because here's the thing. There is no such thing as a wrong answer. It doesn't exist. All right. So before we get into that, though, I. I did promise everyone at the onset of the show that I would show them how they could win a five nights stay at a five star luxury resort. And you now have our permission to take your gaze away from a computer screen if you're watching there, if you're on your phone. And good. That's what you need is take out your smartphone. Bring out your messaging app. Keep this thing going so you can hear me if you're on the phone. And what you want to do is text put in a text message. So where you would put the person you're texting to just tap on that area and type in the number six six one five three five one six two four.

And where you would type in your message with all those wonderful emojis, leave the emojis out, just type in the word peak PJAK and hit that little send button. So again, send a text to the number six six one five three five one six two four and just type in the word peak PJAK. Send it off and we will announce the winner on Facebook and to you individually. We'll let you know and give you the information you need to go and grab your trip to that wonderful five star resort. All right. We are going to come back to the woman of the hour. Yes, that's right. It's Terry. And the other thing about this question, Terry, and this won't be the end for all of you watching, because I want to. We're going to bring up ways. You can connect with Terry very easily right after this. And what I wanted to do, Terry, is let you know that not only is there no such thing as a wrong answer.

In fact, the only correct answer is yours.

Pretty intriguing. I know the wheels are turning right now. What is this question going to be, Brian? For crying out loud. Just ask it already.

Are you ready? I'm ready. Are you sure? OK. Here we go. I know you're always ready. Terry Wilderman. Yes. How do you. Define. Success.

By being true to yourself, following your dreams, following your heart. Bottom line.

You need to follow your heart. You don't need to do anything. Follow your heart because you're meant to follow your heart. Follow your dreams. Don't ever allow anybody to squash your dreams. That's how I define success. Success is when you're living life on your terms, not anybody else's terms.

Your terms got back.

It's been amazing, amazing, amazing. Every single answer is different. No two are exactly the same. I love it. I've done our we're approaching 100 of these shows now. It's such an such a powerful question. And the answers are just amazing. And here's what I love to bring up because.

Notice those eyes that are watching, listening. What was not there when she said what the key to success was? How would you define success? Did you hear anything about money? Maybe millions of dollars, billions of dollars. No. Didn't cross her mind. How instant was our answer? Instant. It doesn't matter how long it takes. The thing is, what was the answer and what was behind the answer? And with her, it was, follow your heart. She cares about you. That is the core of Terry, is she cares about you. So would you not want to connect with her and take it to the next step? Every one of us needs help, including yours truly. Never. You were never perfect. We never will be. Well, maybe we'll see. But we're not perfect now. We're far from it. And all we can do is strive for anything close to perfection if we can possibly even get that close. I don't think we can, to be honest. And that's OK. We just try to continue to improve. So, Terry, what I'd like to do is pull up your Web site and then maybe you could give folks ways for people to connect with you so they can have that conversation and see if you're fit, which I know you are, to help them further their life and their business.

Why, thank you. My Web site actually pulling up the Web site. I thought you're just going to remain in there. OK. Intuitive leadership, dot com. And on there, you're going to see various tabs that include our VIP days, coaching services, Intuitive Leadership University. That is coming up very soon. Actually, we're gonna be running a pilot, a brand new pilot program that may interest your viewers, because I'm I'm only allowing 20 people and I'm not allowing any more than that. And this pilot program and you can find a lot of wonderful things on the site. It's the VIP days. I love doing because when I work with the with a person, I get my hands in there. I can work with you all day. It's so much fun to be able to do that. And you walk out feeling so much better on every level because we work on your business. We work on your mindset. We work on your health. We work on absolutely everything. We really take a big picture, a snapshot and work very, very closely together to help you set up a path, a plan to be able to move forward. We have a whole page of testimonials and entire big page testimonials up there. We have a tab that says testimonials and all the way to the right there. There you go. You click on that tab and there's a whole bunch of testimonials on there. And also you'll see on there a tab for our podcast to weaken the possibilities of what Brian was already on. Thank you very much. And we had a great show. Here is an absolute fantastic guest. So, yes, we're actually working on shifting a few things on there, but you can listen to us on all different channels and spaces. And we've had some great people on. There is good old Roger coming up and Christine and Robert Powell. And, oh, jeez, we have all kinds of cattle, all kinds of wonderful guests. And like I said, Brian, we have a lot more coming.

And we're actually book completely through the year right now, which is very cool. Very nice. So anyway, that speaks out to you. You can. Again, this is intuitive leadership, dot com. And if you would like a fifteen minute. But virtual chat. You can go to coffee with Terry dot com.

Coffee with Terry I didn't have that one preloaded. That's all right. If you come to this site, intuitive leadership dot com, you'll find on the upper left it's small on this screen. You'll see it fine. On yours is the phone number on the upper left. And her email address. Also right at the top of the stairs. Just go to intuitive leadership dot com and reach out to or have that conversation. You can tell she's a wonderful woman. You can tell that it's going to be a great conversation, that she's there for you. That's that's what makes her role. She is an amazing, amazing woman. And I'm so blessed to be able to have this ability to, you know, somehow, someway spread the word about you, Terry. I'm very fortunate in that regard. I appreciate you so much. It's just been so much fun. I cannot tell you. It's phenomenal phone number.

A lot of fun. It really, really has. Thank you, Brian. And I mean both. When you were on my podcast and we had so much fun, we just that's it.

Every time we get together, we're having fun all too times.

But, yeah, you're a gem. And for all of you watching now or live or afterward or listening on the podcast. Yeah, go ahead. Pick up the phone. Give her a call. Go to our website. Intuitive leadership dot com and have that conversation. He is a godsend. And I appreciate you immensely, Terry. Thank you so much for your time tonight. I know it's late where you are on the East Coast. So I do appreciate you for sticking it out late and. Yeah, that's it. We're done. I can't believe it. I want to be done.

Another hour, we're never. All right, you've been on behalf of the amazing, amazing, amazing Terry.

I am Brian, your host of The Mind Body Business Show. And we will be back again next week with another great edition. Until then, everyone stay safe and be blessed. So long for now.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows show with Brian Kelly.

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Terry Wildemann

Terry Wildemann is an experienced entrepreneur, speaker, professional development trainer, executive coach and best-selling author who became certified in various holistic modalities after experiencing multiple burnouts and health crisis. Terry integrates her experience, practical and holistic knowledge and wisdom, and deep intuition into programs and speeches that develop leaders and entrepreneurs into highly intuitive puzzle-solving ninjas who integrate the practical, tactical, logical, physical, energetic, spiritual and emotional. Terry's careers include owner of the Winds of Change Holistic Education and Leadership Center, owner of Image Plus... Associates, partner and CEO of a small manufacturing company, Anaco, Inc. Clients includes chamber of commerce members and the employees of universities, financial institutions, healthcare institutions, railroad companies, nonprofits and small businesses. As a volunteer, Terry had the honor of presenting to over 11,000 transitioning military personnel over a 20 year period. Terry earned certifications as an Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner, Heart Math® Coach, Emotional Freedom Technique Coach, C0-Active and Executive Coach, and Certified DISC Professional Behavior Analyst

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