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Welcome to the Mind Body Business Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to the Mind Body Business Show.

I am extremely excited to night because of our special guests, expert who's coming on. Mr. Timothy J. McNeely is coming on. He is in the house. He is in the wings, waiting anxiously to be brought on so he can spread his wonderful, amazing value and give you what you need to succeed in life. And we were just talking right before we went live. And he had some interesting things to share that I cannot wait to unveil and share him with you just before we bring him on the mind body business show. What is that all about? It is about what I call the three pillars of success. And you might guess what those. All right. It's mind, body and business mind being mindset. And what happened is I began studying only successful people for about a decade. And I tried to figure out what it was that made them tick. What made successful people any different than those that were struggling, who had not achieved that level of success that they desired and many deserved. And what I found after working with mentors one on one, after reading books of experts, after attending seminars and everything in between, both living and not living, people who had great intellect in this area.

And these were the three areas mindset being one of very powerful and flexible, being the key word mindset to a person. Every successful person I studied had these traits of a powerful and flexible mindset. And for those of you that liked to do research, one area was highly, highly recommend that you pour your energies into is the area of neuro linguistic programing and LP for short. I learned this some time ago, seven, eight years ago, became a master LPT practitioner and not to be a practitioner, but to learn it at a deep level. And it literally changed my life. We're not gonna talk too much about that. I don't believe on this show, but I just want to throw that out there. So go ahead and do some research or reach out to me later. I can throw you some resources to go hunt down and get more great info on that. And then body, that literally means their body. Every one of these very successful individuals took care of their bodies. They they ingested food that was good for them and drink that was good for them. They also exercised and took care of that external shell, which is their body. And this doesn't mean that they became expert body builders like an Arnold Schwarzenegger or supermodels like Heidi Klum. Not nothing like that. It just means that they took care of themselves at a much higher level than those who had not achieved that success they want and deserve. And then there's business. One of my favorite areas, they're all my favorite business is multi, multi multifaceted.

These people had mastered various skill sets and these included things like marketing, sales, building teams, systemizing leadership. And actually, it's that last one. That is the key because there are many, many more skill sets that are required to achieve success in a business and then to grow a business even beyond its initial success. And to be honest, no one person, in my humble opinion, could achieve a mastery of all those skill sets in one lifetime by themselves. That's why leadership is key. And if you focus on leadership early on in your walk, if you're in that stage right now, if you're a solo partner, start learning and diving into all things about leadership because it's going to come. You will need to scale. You will need to get help. And when you do that, you'll bring in those people that have those skill sets that you currently do not. And that will save you a lot of time. And it will get you to the place of success you want and deserve. And that is what this show is all about. It's a show by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. And here's the thing. It's all about modeling, modeling, success. And one final thing that I'd like to touch on with successful people is that to a person, everyone I studied, they were all avid readers, readers of books. And with that, I'd like to segway real briefly into a segment I affectionately call Bookmarks.

Bookmarks for and to read bookmarks. Ready, steady, read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dot com.

There you see it on the screen, reach your peak library dot com. That is a Web site I had built specifically with you. Yes. I'm not getting with you in mind. The entrepreneur, the business professional looking to get ahead. And real quick before I go any further. Do yourself a favor and take out a good old fashioned piece of paper and a pen and take notes as we go along. Either that or open up a notepad or whatever that app is on Apple. I don't know. I'm sorry, but open something up and take notes rather than opening a new tab on your browser or venturing off on your phone to the websites and resources that we will be giving you during the course of this show, because I know Tim will have plenty as well. And so just write down, reach your peak library dot com and then come back to us, because here's the thing. I teach us from stage all the time the magic happens in the room. And it would be a disservice to you if you were to take your attention elsewhere and missed that one golden nugget that would have made all the difference for you and your life. When Tim comes on because this guy is rich with Golden Nugget. So you don't want to miss anything. Back to reach your peak library dot com. It's basically a collection of books that I have personally read and I vet them. Not every book I've ever read is on this list. Only those that had a profound impact on my life, either through business and sometimes personally. You'll see a lot of Grant Cardone in here.

Here's my mentor, Mel Cutler. He's an amazing young man. You should get that book, The Big Boom, when you want to learn about an LP and use it for business. That is an amazing resource. It just goes on and on and on. And you'll just grab the book that you haven't read that jumps out at you. Don't worry about going in any kind of order. Just grab the book and start reading it or listening to it. I listened to him on Audible. I found that was my way. My mode for ingesting information after years of never reading any books because I've got fatigue. My eyes couldn't take it. I didn't realize that I could just listen to and get all the information I needed. So I was in heaven once I discovered this thing called Audible. And so that is it reached a peak library dot com. Reading is so vitally important and I, I would invite you to either read or listen to the story in the front and you'll learn why it is so important and how it became so profoundly important for me in my life. And it has changed my life very profoundly just by getting the habit of reading very good books, the right books, as you see there on the title and on the website. If you're watching here live or on the recording for losing the audio podcast, just go visit. Reach your peak library dot com. Write it down after you've finished listening to this amazing episode with our guests. Expert who is going to come on right now. Here we go.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight, savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big league qualified.

And there is, ladies and gentlemen, the one the only Mr. Timothy J. McNeilly, how are you doing, my friend?

I am excellent and excited to be here tonight with you and your audience.

This is going to be such a kick in the rear. I cannot tell you. I am so excited because of what we discussed just before going live. You told me about something. I honestly have never heard of before. And I literally I told you this. I got goose bumps. I was so excited to learn something new that sounded so intriguing. I can't wait. Before we jump in and I formally introduce you to him real quick, I want to remind our live viewers that if you stay on to the very end. The very end of this show, we will show you I will show you how you can win a five nights stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico. Compliments of our friends you see on the upper left of your watching the video. The big insider secrets dot my good friends over there. We give away one of these every single show. And yes, the time is coming soon or you will all be free to move about the globe. And it's going to be amazing. You'll be one of those first ticket holders. I'm leaving. I'm out here. I won on Mind Body Business Show. All right. Let's bring this gentleman on with with the respect that he deserves. Tim McNeilly is the CEO of the limestone companies and consults with driven business leaders and select professionals there. There's. Oh, my goodness. There are lessons right in that sentence. Oh, this is phenomenal.

He can help you optimize your financial world so you can grow your wealth and confidentially, confidentially take care of the people you love, the causes you care about, and change the world for the better. I love it. However, what matters the most to Tim is meeting his wife, Dr. Dana Yeomen, in seeing the frustration she had running her dental practice. He set out to make things simple, and that is what got him going. Tim now formally and officially welcome my brother Grayson here. This is gonna be like I said, I've said it twice already. I mean, it's gonna be so much fun. And for those you watching live, go ahead and say hello. Give us some love and likes and actually ask some questions as we go along. I love interaction on this show that makes it that much better. And Tim, what I like to do is, you know, the theme of the show is mind body business. As I opened up with and what I like to open it with and then we'll just go organically from there. What I like to open up with is find out, you know. So we I read your bio and it tells somewhat about your background, your accolades, your experience, your success. And what I like to do is dig deeper and really kind of peel away the onion, so to speak, of that big, beautiful brain of yours and find out what makes you personally tick. And it's not really personal, but it is it's personal because it's unique to you. And what I'm wanted to ask you is when you get up in the morning, you know, being an entrepreneur is a struggle. A lot of times it's about having that flexibility.

So there are days that, you know, when you get up, you're gonna have struggles. You're facing them. For you, when you get up day in and day out, day in and day out. When you come to your out of bed and you're waking up, what is it that's going through your mind that motivates you to take on the day with passion and fervor going forward?

One word impact, add me up every single day is wanting to make an impact on on the people I love and the causes I care about so that I can change the world for the better. And, you know, I saw your bookless theri in you and I share so much in common. I love studying other successful people. And when I started my life out. Right. I was a very ordinary advisor. I thought my job was to to manage investments and met and fell in love with my wife, who's a dentist. And it didn't matter how well I could manage. Your portfolio did make a difference for her. So I found myself in a job I hated, couldn't take care of the person I loved the most. So I had to figure out how to make an impact for her. And that's what gets me up every single day is having an impact.

I love it. And notice it's an impact on others. I'm talking to others, others out there, Timna, you directly that you know, he's talking about how an impact with others. That's what I find as another common denominator of successful entrepreneurs is they love serving and helping. And in Tim's words, impacting others in a positive way. And that's why I love what I get to do is this show I meet amazing people. Tim and I have never met. We've never spoken before half an hour prior to the show going live. And the interesting thing is that's quite often the case with most guests I have on the show. And it's like he's on my long lost buddy. He could've been my brother, a brother by another mother who knows maybe what to look at to figure that one out. See if there's something to that. But it's really cool of the commonality. And I just love, love interviewing folks like you, Tim. And this is going to be quite a ride. And so. You know, a lot of people go into a business once they figured out what they want to do. And a lot of people in the beginning especially are in it to make a quick kill money. A lot of money. And that's a common trait. And it's not necessarily a negative or a bad trait, because let's face it, when you first start out, you've got to survive. Right. Entrepreneurs have to survive. And to do that, they need to make money so they can then build up to that next stage. And, you know, we get that we probably all been there before. But what it really comes down to, though, is planning for long term success, for, you know, getting that that strategy in place. That's going to take you through the long haul. The ups and downs, there are many downs. So for you, Tim, what would you say for you has been the best way to achieve that long term success versus the quick kill mentality?

You know, I love what you just shared about right. So many people get started in businesses. They want to make money. Right. My story was no different. Right. I got started, wanted to make money and started making some money. But like I told you. Right, I couldn't solve the problems for the person I loved the most. And so much like who I started studying, what are the best of the best to you and how do they move the needle on their most important goals? And by studying that by it, by all of a sudden having that impact on my wife and being able to rearrange things so much so that that she got to a point where we got back on top of the world, things were going good again. But she got to a point where she couldn't hold forceps anymore to do extractions. And. And she's a dentist. And if you're a dentist or or any professional, your hands or everything. And I'll never forget the days sitting in the doctor's office with my wife. Right. Imagine being there with the person you love the most and you're waiting for the doctor to come in and tell that person if they have a future in their chosen career. And the reason I won't ever forget that day, Brian, is it didn't matter what that doctor was going to tell us when he walked in the room, because we had done the planning, we had implemented lessons from the super rich. We had caught some errors in our plans and we knew we were going to be OK. And so what keeps me going all day long, it's having that impact and serving others. And that's such a common trait. Right? The more you focus on solving other people's problems and serving your your customers, your staff, your suppliers, and in finding out how to help them get what they want. The more you're going to get what you want, the more you can help everyone win. The more everyone wins.

I love that and totally relate to that. And that is so true that, you know, in their books and books about that very topic. And it just it works that way when you are coming from a place of serving without expectation of receiving anything. In return, that is when the biggest things happen. And that's the trick, though, is to do it without the intent of getting anything in return. And when you just trust it and go forward and just repeat that process over and over and over. And I believe I mean, trust me, if you're if your intent is true, the the return will come back many fold and may not come right away. It may not come when you're ready for it or when you're expecting it, when you want it. But it does come. I mean, do you ever find that to be true?

Oh, yeah, absolutely. But. Right. Kind of coming back to that. Right. How do you maintain your mindset? How do you stay productive? Right. How do you stay focused on the things that matter? Right. And looking at your bookless. Right. Start with why it's so simple. Right. Find out your why. And I really had to go on that soul searching journey to figure out what gets me up. Right. I had to work with coaches and my friends. And do the exercise the same. Why does this matter? And you talk about peeling the onion. You've got to keep going deeper and deeper and deeper. And as I kept doing that, it always came back to, you know what? I want to help people want to serve people. I want them to be able to take care of the people they love, the causes they care about, and change the world for the better. And I want to find like minded individuals to do that with. But the struggle sometimes gets a little frustrating in especially as you give. You give. You start thinking, when is it going to come back? But you have to trust the process.

Yeah. And that's when that y comes into play. You know, when things are going the way you had anticipated and their struggles and you're not getting the results you're looking for. If you don't have that very strong, impactful, why? And what is that? Why it's what is it you would do? What what would you crawl over a mile of broken glass to? What was what would be at the end of that? Who or what would you crawl a mile of broken glass to go to and endure all that pain and suffering? Is your wife strong enough? In other words, mine. Everyone's different. It's very personal. In my case, it's my wife. My wife is my wife. She's everything to me. And everything I do is to help us live a better, more joyful life, if that's even possible. But that's my wife, and it's very strong for me and for every individual is different. And so you have the why is what pulls you through those times? Does that resonate with you?

Yeah, you need that deep sense of passion and purpose for what you do and what gets you up, and if it's just I want to make a lot of money, that really isn't a strong enough motivation. In fact, that that's a motivation that will often cause you to cut corners and do things unethically and the wrong way because your motivation is actually wrong.

And I would agree with that opinion. Yes, I would say that, you know, again, it's OK. So here's the thing. Is it OK to want more money? Oh, absolutely.

You kidding? That's one of the traits we see time and time again. And I've helped underwrite the research on driven entrepreneurs. Thousands upon thousands of them. And these are already very wealthy people. We ask him a simple question. Do you want more money? And you know what a resounding majority of them say, Bryan? Yes. We'll dove a little deeper and we say, well, why is this three primary things come out. They want to take care of the people they love, support the causes they care about, change the world for the better. It has nothing to do with greed. It has everything to do with impact.

Yeah, and that's a thing. There's this there's this phrase that has been as re been repeated in incorrectly and out of context for for as long as I've been alive. I've heard it that and that phrase as money is the root of all evil. And it's a excerpt from the Bible, but completely, incorrectly translated.

It's a missing word there. You're right.

The love of money is the root of all evil, which means if you love money more than you love your maker, then you have a problem. And that's what it means, not money itself being the root of all evil. It's just a comparison frame. Like, if you love something else more than you love Jesus Christ, then that's the root of all evil, right? And money can definitely is for many people that one thing. And the thing is, here's the thing. If Tim doesn't make a boatload of cash, then Tim can't help a boatload of people. And so I wish upon Tim many boatloads of cash so he can help and serve many boatloads of people. It depends on the person. Money just accentuates and magnifies who you already are. Well.

If you're already there serving and helping others. I want him to be incredibly ungodly wealthy because I know he will take that and build more businesses start. Maybe he'll help others nurture them along to do what he does to help and serve and scale and and grow. And that's when I come when it comes to be an entrepreneur. You must be OK with making a lot of money. It's your responsibility to make more money. Really, if you're going to serve more people, you have to make the money. Just do it in an integrity based way. I'm on my soapbox, but what do you think about that?

Oh, I'm about to get up there with you. And I would argue that if you've got products, if you've got services, if you have things that change people's lives and you are not an advocate for it, you are not behaving in a moral and ethical way. You have a duty to get out there and sell as much of what you have as possible, because if you've got something that impacts people and you're keeping it to yourself, that is selfish. Absolutely. Am I on the soapbox with you, brother?

I love it. I love it, man. I'm going to. I'm going to attach another box next to mine so it can fit both together at all times. I need a little soapbox icon in years. You go. Love it. Wanda Reynolds, thank you so much. We agree service is the key. Appreciate that. Yeah. More comments and questions. Bring them in so we can take this to the next level. And speaking of that, I want to drive in to a concept you started telling me about before the show came on. If that's OK with you. Let's do it. You came up with this term. I personally never heard of maybe I've lived under a rock for a long time. But you called it a virtual family office. If I recall correctly and you started explain it to me. I was still trying to kind of get my bearings and understand it. Can you concisely define what that means? And then and then we'll move into the next step, which, you know, I think what's coming on there.

Yeah. Absolutely. So I want you and everyone listening.

I want you to imagine that you have just created a massively successful company. And you've just sold out. And you are now a billionaire. Right. You've got all the money you could ever want. Ever need. And you've got to find some people to manage your money. Right. And manage your wealth. Help you achieve everything that's important to you. Well, when you've got that kind of serious money, which you usually do, is you go to a top five accounting firm, you find that the person in the corner office, you pluck them out and you hire them and you say, go build me a team of people. And I want some real estate people and I want a good attorney. Oh, and I want a private aviation specialist and a concierge doctor for my family. And you're going to take all these people and you're going to sit him down on a piece of real estate that you own. And the job of that team is to manage your wealth. And the reason you do that is you want control and you want to work with people who really get and understand you. You want people working in your best interest. Well, there's a little problem with that. It's kind of expensive to run those family offices. But the beautiful thing about today's world, with a lot of the technology and regulatory changes, we've been able to bring those family offices, which is a structure that the super rich use to manage. Their wealth, we've been able to bring that way down the scale to driven entrepreneurs without having a nine figure net worth.

And so, OK, let's dove into that a little bit.

So typically, this is for the very, very wealthy, correct? Correct. You describe and well, what are we talking about? Networth of how north of half a billion. Billion.

Billion. Yeah. No, no. Half a million. Can't even afford the payroll for a couple months.

That would make sense. So fantastic. So what is it that you specifically do to bridge that gap?

Well, what I do is really build those bespoke custom virtual family offices for driven entrepreneurs. Or so an entrepreneur may have a really successful company and they're saying, you know what, I really want to increase my valuation over the next four years and then I want to plan on an exit strategy so that I can go to philanthropy. So so I help and get clear on their goals. Then what we do is we bring in the best of the best players to help them achieve that. So we're going to bring in business valuation specialists, business growth specialists. We're going to make sure they retain key employees. And we're really assembling that team around them so they can help accelerate their success even more.

All this is fantastic. Is there a are there. What are the guidelines? What are the qualify? What are the qualifiers for an individual to be, I guess, qualified to work with you like? Do they have to make a certain amount of money? Do they need to be at a certain level in their business? Those kind of things?

Yeah. I mean, really, it's you know, the best way to answer that is to figure out what kind of professional you need because there's so many good professionals out there.

And all I'll share with you how we we think about this. OK. And, you know, once again, we've done a lot of research and I've had the privilege of underwriting the research on driven entrepreneurs. And when we when we study them, we've come up with what I call the success equation. And this will help you understand the different professionals that are out there and who to work with. And I hope my screen is popped up there. Will see that there. Yes, sir. And so in working with driven entrepreneurs and in in specifically, I love work with dentists who happen to be entrepreneurs, we define success as the following. It's precision times implementation, times access. What are those means? Well, precision is that degree of certainty that you're going to obtain and reach your financial goals. Right. Are you going to actually reach right. How certain are you? You're going to reach your goals? Then there's implementation. Right. Are you actually going to be able to achieve those desired results? And lastly, is access how confident are you that you're going to get those outcomes that you want need for your business? So so to summarize. Right. Precision that your goals implementation is what gives you the results and access. It was what gives you the confidence that you want to achieve. So so what kind of professional do driven entrepreneurs. Right. Who do you need to work with. Right. You certainly want to work with the best of the best and to share how my industry is structured.

It really makes a lot of sense to break it down into hierarchy and the very bottom of the period. I'm going to assume no one is working with unqualified advisors. I'm going to assume everyone out there. You're getting some good advice. But at the bottom of the pyramid, unqualified advice. Once again, I'm going to assume you're getting some good advice out there in the first level is an investment advisor and coming back to that success equation. Write your results are singular, right? One single area. It's your investments, your goals. They're gonna be limited, one single area, your investments, your confidence, going to be very, very limited. And your results. You're going to get it in a single area of your life. And so often, as driven entrepreneurs, you hit a ceiling and you reach this lack of time, lack of focus. And the myth that you believe at this level is I'll get to it later in your smiling, Brian. Because because. Because what's the truth about it? You'll never get to it. Right. And usually something happens and later is too late. Right. By the time you need to do something, it's too by the time you need to buy fire insurance, it's too late. So as we move up, then you reach a financial adviser. But you're going to get some limited results. And maybe that financial advisor will be responsive to some needs if you come to them. But their practice is usually built on that investment advisory business. So your goals are really going to be bounded by what you know, by what you're approaching that adviser and asking help for.

You may say, oh, you know, I need some help with that estate planning or I need to work on value my business. But they're not proactively looking at that. That means you're going to have incomplete confidence as you move forward towards optimizing your financial world and you're gonna get restricted results. As we continue to move up the hierarchy, some people may be working with wealth managers and. And now you're getting extensive results because wealth managers are typically focused on five key areas. One, they help you make smart decisions with your money. That's the investment part. But they move beyond that to wealth enhancement, which is the mitigation of your taxes. Never met anyone who says, Tim, can you help me pay more than my fair share? It's usually I want to pay my fair share and less. If I can't, then there's wealth protection. How do you. Wrap your arms around everything that you've worked so hard to build and make sure it's not unjustly taken either from lawsuit, divorce or some other unjust meets. Most of us have people we really care about, so forth. We want to transfer our assets to the next generation and the people we care about. And lastly, many people are terribly inclined. They want to magnify those terrible gifts. And so that wealth manager is going to help you focus on those five key areas, your goals. They're going to be extensive, your goals, goals, your access.

You're going to have quiet confidence knowing that you are on track to reach your most important goals and you're gonna get wide ranging results in all areas of your financial life. But once again, we hit a ceiling and we think we'll good enough is good enough. And that's the myth we believe is okay is good enough. But the truth is, with the changes in technology today, it's possible to have the best in and driven entrepreneurs can benefit from a family off a structure. They can have a virtual family office. And when you reach this level now, you're not just doing the wealth management piece, but it's also lifestyle services and it's things that really matter to you. And so you're gonna get comprehensive results. All areas of your life, your goals absolutely maximized. You're going to have authentic confidence that you're going to reach your most important goals and you're gonna get those comprehensive results in all areas of your life now. What kind of professional do you want or need? It's going to depend on you and your goals and what you are trying to achieve. You may be very, very well served with just an investment advisor, and that may be all you need. But but to answer your question. Right. Do you need a high performing virtual family office? Entrepreneurs have lives of complexity. If you've got a complex financial life, not just on the business, but personal side, a virtual family office can make a lot of sense for you.

This is phenomenal. I mean, I've never even heard this concept, which is.

Amazing probable because it was formally only available to the very wealthy. Yeah, that's pretty awesome.

Exactly right. And just like he. Right. Studying the best. The best. This is what you learn how to do is bring them down from the very top. And I don't want to be the pioneer. I want to fall on the well-worn path of people who have already done it.

And I loved the business model you've put together. So basically, if I'm if I'm getting this right, you've you've actually brought in individuals who have expertize in various different areas that you may not have and put them together as like an all a cart choosing, if you will, for those who need their services through this virtual family office model.

Is that correct? Yeah, exactly.

And really, if you think about a virtual family office, it's a community based approach using the collective wisdom of the best the best experts. And what we found is in today's environment, most of the best of the best experts. They work for their own firms. They are franchise players, and they are not tucked into your big firms out there. They want to be on their own. And because of that, we now have access to some of the best and the brightest that we can bring in on an as needed basis to serve you and your family.

Wow. I like it even more that they're not tucked into a big firm now. They have more incentive to really crush it. Exactly. They're running their own business. You know, when you're working for someone else, you're incentive is typically less depending on where you work and what your rewards are for what you do. So this sounds fantastic. My gosh. Goodness, I'm I'm reeling. My mind is going crazy. Lots of good info. Tim knows this stuff. Hey, I wonder if this guy knows you. The last name looks familiar. Daniel McNeilly.

Oh, yes. I think it may be my brother. How you doing, brother?

Daniel? Oh, yes. And my buddy Prince. I know. And I'm sorry, buddy. I just cannot pronounce your last name. I've met you in person, and it's been a long time. I'm so glad you came on. And I wish you more success as well. My brother, you're an amazing, amazing man. I love this guy. Thanks for coming on and ask questions if you have questions for Tim. My gosh, please.

I hope you have lots of questions for this whole virtual family office thing, because it's brand new to me. I've never said I know everything and I don't. And I never will. And I love meeting people like Tim. This is blowing my mind in such a great way. I'm thinking of all the possibilities. And I can't wait to have more conversations with Tim after the show to say, you know, where can we go at this? And what are the possibilities? Because as I was sharing with you before the show, I just brought on a fiduciary who's handling our finances now. And I'm loving that. When you were going up and talking about the levels of confidence, I was smiling inside on those because my confidence went way up after we got everything put together with my buddy Larry Zuckerman, who's handling our our finances now. And it's been an amazing, amazing ride. And what you said, what you showed in that pyramid going up with the confidence increasing. It's absolutely the truth. That's what happens when you have somebody who knows what they're doing. It's taking care of what's important for you. And I love that. Hello, Don. Mazing Don is a local man here at the local Chamber of Commerce president, and he's an amazing guy, always helping businesses. Right. Glad you're here, Don. Ask some questions if you've got them. I want I want questions. People. Bring them on. Bring them on.

You know, when it comes to.

That kind of virtual family office, that sounds like that's really going to help people catapult their success in different ways that I can't even fathom at this moment, I can't wait to Dove. OK. Here's what I want to know. Give me a few examples of what these experts are experts in and what that can do to help specifically like an entrepreneur, say, starting out. Maybe they're just branching out. And they started building a team there just beyond Solo Perner, and they brought in a few apprentices, employees, veejays, what have you. What would be a good potential fit for somebody like that? Not knowing all the details, of course. But yeah, it would be a good example of somebody that you could put them in alignment with.

So maybe they're just starting out, right. They've got a couple of team members and they're struggling building the systems and processes. Ari Mozelle. Right. Let's put him in touch with an optimization expert who's going to help him automate, outsource and optimize their processes so that they can create scalability or maybe that entrepreneur, you know, maybe they're they're coming up with their first fundraising and they're looking to get some v.c and they have no idea how to present.

Right. They're like, I don't know what to say. What we're gonna put him in touch with one of the top speaking coaches in the entire world who's going to help them hone their message so they can communicate with even more clarity. Or maybe they've got a health issue and they just are not getting any traction with their doctors and they don't know where to turn. We're going to put them in touch with some of the best concierge's medicine professionals on the face of this planet who's going to give them access to the front of line and get them the care that they want. Those are just a few of the examples of what you can do through a virtual family office.

This is like is so moving my needle right now. It is exciting. This is incredible.

Right. And a lot of these best of the best professionals, if you just pick up the phone and call them, they're not going to talk to you because they don't know who you are. Whereas that virtual family office office, it's access. So my clients usually go to the front of the line. And when I make that introduction, they're getting a call back from the professional. Not only that, we've got negotiated rates with these professionals so that your costs are less because we work collaboratively as a team. And I'll tell you, there's really kind of three ways that I think about the virtual family office. The first pillar is what I call the human element. You want to work with advisers who get you right. Everyone has the same product. But do people actually understand you and what you're trying to achieve? And that really is that first pillar is building the human element from there. You want a cohesive team. There's plenty of people who can refer you to someone else. But do you actually collaborate on a deep level to help that client achieve everything that's important to them? And then really the last pillar of that virtual family office is you want a systematic process. And that systematic process is going to do two things. It's going to address failure and it's going to make sure that you're taking advantage of all the potential opportunities out there. And when it comes to failure, you know, one of the questions and things I hear all the time when I tell people what I do is they say, you know what, Tim? I've got a team of people.

I'm all set. And I look at them and I ask them a question. I go, great. I say, your level of wealth. I wouldn't expect anything less. Most of my clients, they made a lot of money in real estate or they've sold the business. They're already wealthy. And I say I would be surprised if you didn't have a team in place. Then I ask them, when was the last time you did a stress test of your wealth plants? And they look at me kind of sideways and they say, a stress what? And I go a stress test. And I explained that in the family office world in the last five years, 98 percent of family offices have stress tested their wealth plans. What's a stress test? Well, a stress test is where that family office brings in someone who's not on the payroll. They bring in an outside expert in that job of that expert is to not tell the family what they want to hear. They're there for two reasons. They want to check the wealth planning to identify errors because errors happen and they want to make sure that they catch those. And they also want to make sure they're identifying all the opportunities out there. And if the super rich or stress testing their wealth plans, you should, too.

Absolutely. It's amazing that now. So here's one of the keys is getting access to what the superwealthy have, which is rare for many, most individuals. And that's another reason I am so excited about this. Not so much for myself personally, but for everyone. I'm thinking of people in my mind as you're talking to them, you know, who else could potentially reap huge rewards by getting connected with you and your entire team of experts? Your brother has a question here, so I hope he's not setting you up with something. I don't know if I should bring this up at all. Let you handle it because he's your brother. So I'm going to read it so that our podcast listeners can hear it as well. He says. Daniel McNeilly says with the advent of Robinhood free trading and Lefty's, how do money managers at. Value in today's market.

I think that is such a brilliant question. And Daniel, I almost feel like he set me up here. This is this is a great question. You know, we kind of touched on this earlier, right? Everyone has the same product. Right. And when it comes to investments, that's really no different once you reach a certain level. The dirty secret of my industry is everyone has the same portfolio. And there certainly people you never want to let handle your money. But once you're at a certain level, they've all got the same stuff at it. And if the only value is asset management, you probably shouldn't be working with that person. But if through proper tax planning, we can save you a hundred and fifty two hundred three hundred thousand dollars a year in taxes. That's some value that you're adding. If we can help you set up your own insurance company so that you pay premiums to yourself instead of the insurance company. That's a massive value. We. We talk about it seriously. Wealthy Bryan. It's in the book in front of you. If we can help you create tax free income for life, that's an added value. So the asset management, that's table stakes. It's all the additional value in the wealth enhancement mitigation of taxes. It's wealth transfer, wealth protection and charitable gifting. Those are areas that you can really move the needle.

Goodness sakes. I guess I'll I'll tell you right now, Tim, there has not been a guest. You're like the guest number one hundred and two or this is show number one hundred and two or so.

And nothing has intrigued me more than what we're talking about now because it's so new to me and just the idea that these kind of things are accessible. I didn't know you could have your own insurance company. I've never heard that before. So that sounds like something a super wealthy group of people would figure out and do. So I'm I'm loving this so much and we will definitely. Don't worry. Everyone watching listening will get you the contact information so you can have a conversation with him and see if you're a fit going forward with him and what he's got put together. I know I'm going to because I am so intrigued. I have so many questions. One of the things you really hit on very early on the show that I wanted to circle back to Tim, was you talked about how you read a lot and you also slipped in there that you had coaches and then you continued on.

I thought, awesome, because this is like what Tim is talking about is you have an instant team of highly skilled coaches and there is nothing that I have ever done in my business life that has excelled any farther, faster than ever before.

And by actually hiring a coach and multiple coaches, one for speaking, one for marketing and others for time management, and those of us reaps huge rewards for me. Now you're talking about having multiple people there at your beck and call to say, I need help. Can you please help me? And they will have the expertize to do so. This is like. I can't I can't imagine what this is truly worth to four people. I can only imagine. So this this sounds amazing, brother. Keep talking about what else you got.

It really is. It's a lot of fun. And the coach thing. I'm so glad you brought that up. Right. Coaches have accelerated my success more than just about anyone else. And I love your process in kind of coming on your show. We do some chatting before and kind of go through some questions like, you know what, how do we want to serve the audience and and what are your questions was right. If you had the chance to start over again, what would you do differently? And as I thought about that, right, the thing I would do is I would surround myself with more like minded people much sooner in life.

And this is a danger that you and so many entrepreneurs fall into, is we think we want to do this alone. Anything. You know, if I reach out, if I say I'm struggling, then that's a sign of weakness. And I and I just can't do that.

And there's a proverb I love. It says, if you want to go far or I'm sorry, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others. And that to me is so true. Right. You can go fast, but it's going to be a sprint and you're going to run out of energy. But if you surround yourself with the right people, you're gonna go so much further. There's something about the community, faith, wisdom and the collective wisdom of everyone working together to achieve common goals.

Wow. An absolute wealth of information in just a short period of time and look, so I was a prodigy.

Those who are watching and listening to take notes. I'm running the show. I'm hosting the show. And I'm not asking you to do anything I don't do. So I've got a full page going. I can barely read it because I'm so excited, my handshaking. But there's so many things that you just mentioned that were so profound. Surround yourselves with like minded people. I went to every. Entrepreneur based seminar and networking event. I could get my you know, that I could go to that I had the time for that. I had the money for even sometimes when I didn't have the money, I found the money and went. And I you know, a lot of people this will date me. But do you remember an actor by the name of Mr. T? He was in Rocky. And he was. Yeah. I remember oftentimes you walk around with just a massive bundle of gold chains around his neck. I mean, I don't know how much that way. That's the way a lot. He was a big do, too. So probably nothing to him. Well, over the course of years, as I went to these seminars, I would keep those who would let me those badges that came with the lanyards that you walked through the door and you had your name.

Hi. I am. And over the years, I kept them. And then when I went up on stage, I, I looked at my bag that of all these and like, my God, there's a lot of it there. And so I have, you know, one of my assistants run up on the stage at this at an opportune time. And I put those on and I look and I have Mr. T up on the screen. I say, look, I put Mr. T to shame because they were like a fist bump for that. Yeah, Welcome. And I only say that not to pat myself on the back, but to implore upon those out there who are not doing that. We're not getting out there. And look, I get it. We're kind of under restriction at this moment. It will lift. Go on to webinars and attend those and interact, take action, make, you know, communicate with people. That's the key. Don't just show up, but show up. I mean, truthfully and really engage and ask questions. Be the curious one. Richard Branson's like, well, the most curious people on the planet. And he's also one the most successful. I wonder if there's a pattern there and maybe we should follow that.

Well, in the amazing thing is when you find that right group, people are so willing to share and help. They want you to reach the top to it.

And you talk about that curiosity as I was attending another mastermind group in my niche. And, you know, they had this panel up there and they're talking about hiring people and associates. And all of a sudden this guy in the audience pops up and imagine being in your group of your peers in the most successful person running the most successful company in your niche pops up and you're like, what's this guy doing? And he gets up and he asks that panel and he says, Well, can you tell me how you're hiring people? And it's like, Whitney, you should be the one up there telling up Hawke.

You're asking a question like the most successful guy in the room by far.

And he's got a humble attitude and he's trying to learn and he's genuinely curious and he's at the top of his game. And that's why he's at the top of his game.

Interesting you bring that up, because the reason I use Richard Branson is from an actual real story from my mentor. His name's Mel Cutler, who is by age, could be my son. He's younger than I am. I don't care about age. I don't care about race. I don't care about gender. If someone has the results I want, I latch on with my hands to both ankles and I don't let go virtually, of course. But he said he had this story where he met Richard Branson and they were staying in the hallway during a break or something. The guy came up and he just started peppering my mentor male with questions. And so Melissa told us from the stage and it's like, you know, he's thinking this, but he says it from say, like, Hey, man, you're the one that's got success.

I want to ask all the questions. Why are you asking me all the questions?

And so that was the that was the lesson. You know, the most curious person, I guess, wins. Right. And here's the thing. One of the things that we don't do as humans is ask questions because it makes us appear as if we don't know very much. And where does that come from? You touched on it and that you call that weakness?

I call it ego. Same thing. You know, it's ego thinking. Well, I don't want to come off as not knowing everything. And if I ask questions and I certainly don't look like I know everything, so I'm going to act like I know everything. And that will be good for me. Well, it won't you know, it's time to get rid of that ego ego shut. Schuckert aside, I'm looking at my notes of all the stuff you said. You can go fast and become alone and go far and be with others. I just I just love everything that's coming out here. This is like a super show. I'm going to call us a super show. This is phenomenal. Oh, Prince I. Oh, thanks, Brian, for featuring Timothy. I love what's coming out of the brother. Yes, same here.

Likewise, Prince. Thanks for tuning in.

This guy is amazing. And he was this was many years ago, but he was putting together this phenomenal t shirt company. And I met him during one of those seminars where I was helping with my mentor, M. Cutler, and amazing, just gorgeous human being. I love this guy. I love everybody. This is amazing. Wow. My God, dude, we only have ten minutes left. This is my daughter. Oh, I love. I definitely want to touch into this because here's the thing with business. It's what blows me away right now is with what's been happening with a. Pandemic, a lot of companies are closing before they close, many of them are cutting certain departments. And what I'm seeing over and over and over again is they're starting with their marketing department. And to me, that's like cutting off your own arm. I don't understand that because they're the lifeblood. If you don't have marketing and new clients coming in or marketing to repeat clients, just game over, just throw in the towel. And so marketing is so vitally important. There are many things that are important, but marketing, in my opinion, is one of the most important. And along those terms, Tim, for you, what has been one of your most successful forms of marketing? Like how do you build a successful customer base? What's working for you right now?

Yeah, great question. I think the thing that matters most writing and this is any industry, right? When you are building your customer base, you have to be focused on one thing. How do you solve your customers problems? Right. You solve problems. And the more you solve problems and then clearly communicate, that's the other thing, right? If you use all sorts of crazy, esoteric language, you're going to lose people. But if you solve problems and communicate clearly, you're going to build a fantastic customer base. And to take it even one level deeper, this is the most recent research project I was involved in with John Boeing and Russ Allen Prince. Who are some of the best? The best when it comes to private wealth is Russell's newest book. And John's newest book is called Everyone Wins.

And the more you can create scenarios where everyone walks away a winner, the more you're going to win to.

Totally agree. Leaving you hanging there for a microsecond. That was fun. Yeah. And when you go to actually market, do you have any, like, platforms or specific ways about bringing other than coming on shows like this, which I think is genius. And everyone should do more of this, whether it's a live TV show like this, a video or podcast that is a proven marketing avenue. And look, what is Tim doing right now? Is he selling anything? It doesn't appear so. He's providing value. And in the process of providing value, inherently he's selling.

But not like coming out and say, hey, let me tell you what I got. Let me open my jacket. Show me my watches and my trinkets and things. He's doing so in a very professional and high value manner, which this is natural to him. He's not one of those slick oil slick Welcome snake oil salesman type people. And that's the cut time. This is the kind of approach to model is where I'm going with all this. For those of you watching, listening is model what Tim is doing and appear on other shows and provide value because, you know, just talking to him a half hour before I was asking him, what does he do? He he piqued my interest, you know, with this new concept to me. Virtual family office or is it holy moly, what is that? And just started peppering with questions.

And I, I, I truly appreciate you answering all those questions and fielding those because that provided value to me. OK, here's another. I think it's a question, yes, armor Gamescom, thanks for coming on.

High net worth individuals like working with the best. I love the idea of the team aspect. How do we know the team you've assembled is top tier? Good question. I would tell you to go Google them. It's that simple. Sweet. And how would they know where that team is to go? Google them, would they need to connect with you first?

Yeah. If they want some of the names, they can go look up the professionals themselves. I would tell you. Go go get them. I've had spent a an entire process where the professionals I work with, they get vetted. And if they don't have philosophical alignment, then they're out. I don't care how good they are.

And when it comes to the vetting process, you know, there's some interesting things because sometimes the best of the best people, they're not responsive. You can't get a call back from them.

And if they're not responsive, they're out. If they don't have the client first and center, they're out. If they are not a leader, they're out. So.

Also, be a good time to Segway over in the. If they want to know and find out who these people are, they could reach out to you and get that list correct.

And I would tell you, look at the coauthors of becoming seriously wealthy. Look up, Russ, Alan, Prince Look-Up, John Bone and a breastworks of billionaires all day long. That's where the research comes from. When it comes to private wealth, there's really no one better than John Belan. These are the best of the best. And I've got him on retainer and consult with them regularly.

There you go. Right. Then allowed yourself with good people. Sweet Russell and Prince John Bowen Jr., others this forward by a really cool guy, Tim McNeilly, in this book. Yes. And yeah, we want to give you the ability to get a copy of this book. And I guess, you know, since we're here, let's just go for it and do it right now. One of the gifts that Tim has given away to everyone who was watching right now or listening is a copy of the book. It's a free book. You just pay shipping. It's nine ninety five, 10 bucks to get more information about this, to actually get a deeper understanding of these individuals that he's talking about. What better way than to read the words they've written and then get it in a very deep level? So to do that, we have a Web site that I have cued up, I think. And there it is. You want to go to this Web site address is w w w dot life St. SEO. I guess that's for company lifestyle. Don't seo dot com forward slash becoming dash seriously dash wealthy and I'll drop it in the comments that will show up on most social media platforms so that you can all just click the link.

And go straight to it. There it is on its way.

So go click that link and grab a copy of that book. Ten dollars for. That's not that's no investment of any kind. That's a small investment for massive value if you've been watching any part of this show. You know that to be true. Ten dollars is. My goodness. If you're not willing or able to spend ten dollars, then there's another issue that needs to be probably looked at. And I'm not here to preach or shame anybody. Just just get the book. Just get the book and and then change your life. I'm getting the book myself, so definitely. More books to read. I can't wait to get it out. What else do we want to talk about here? We have three minutes. Good Lord. What happened so fast, didn't it? It always does, especially when you're having fun and I'm having a blast. I tell you. Absolute blast.

Let's talk briefly about how to achieve long term success. So I think my answer to blow your mind.

All right. Let's do it quick.

The best way you achieve long term success is by doing the ordinary and the mundane. You show up every day, you set your vision, and then you just implement it little by little by little. And so often, right, we think we're gonna have this magical experience. And overnight you'll be a success. Now it's a long road and you've got to do the ordinary and mundane day in and day out, consistently, persistently stacking the rocks.

Yep. Love it. Love it.

There's a song by Sarah Grose called Setting Up the Pins, and that is the entrepreneurial song about a man at a bowling alley setting up the pins just to knock them back down.

That's right. Yes. I can't agree more digs by then, I'll have to check it out. Hard to beat a free book. Yes. Just pay shipping and handling that, is it? They've got to cover their costs. And so. Yeah, definitely. Go after that. Hey, I promised everyone that before we signed off. And by the way, there's one more question that I am going to ask Mr. McNealy. And it is one of my favorite questions I ask every guest that's been on the show. And it's a personal question, yet extremely powerful. And I can't wait to hear Tim's response to it. But before we do that, I did promise that everyone that stay with us live to the end. It's now that time that I would give you a way to win five nights, stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico, compliments of the big insider secrets You see their logo up there. I'll put their little cool banner on the bottom. And here it is. What you now.

We we now give you permission, Termini, to now take out your phone, which I used to have sitting right next to me. But imagine that's in my hand. Tim's got one right there. Beautiful. And what you want to do is pull up your messaging apte app. I can say it. I can talk. And here's what you do. You want to you want to text the word peak to the number six six one five three five one six two four. So in other words, where you would put the name of the individual you want to text. You type in the number six six one five three five one six two four. And then where you want to actually type in your message, maybe throw some emojis in instead of doing that, just type in the word peak PJAK and then tap the little send the icon and you will automatically, instantly be interred to win this phenomenal, phenomenal prize. Again, sponsored by the big insider secrets dot com. Incredible people, great friends of mine. I love them dearly and appreciate that they're sponsoring and providing this for us. We give this away every single show. And I hope you win every one of you. Only one of he's going to win. But I wish you all one. Well, we'll pick it randomly. You'll be notified via text. It will come back to you and we'll get your additional information and get you in the system so you can go grab that vacation, stay of your dreams. I can't wait to see who wins that.

And so coming back to the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Timothy Jay McNeely, the question now. Here's the thing, Tim. It's it's. It is a personal question, but it doesn't go into your personal business. It's just personal because it's unique to you and your your response. So. Regarding your response, there is no such thing as a wrong answer. Just so you know that it doesn't exist. It's exactly the opposite. The only correct answer is yours, again, because it's unique to you. So now that you're, like, probably going crazy, like, what the heck is this question?

Are you ready? I am ready. Bring it on.

All right, here we go. Timothy J. McNeilly.

How do you define. Success.

Success is being able to build an amazing life of significance so that you can take care of the people you love, the causes you care about, and make that impact in the world.

Bang! Boom! Right between the eyes. Immediately, quickly. I love that. I love asking that question because every person reacts differently. I've done over a hundred shows and no two people have answered exactly the same way. Is that amazing?

My other answer would be 42.

I love it. Yes, that's a good one. Man Yeah.

That is the secret to successful people. Only knew about 42. Yes. But the one thing I noticed in every answer I've gotten so far, none of them were money centric. Not a single one. It's not about like when I make my first 10 million or five million or one million or whatever. It's never their top part of their priority or definition of success. And underline. Yes, money is part of that. We discussed that earlier. But every one to a person is more about serving others. And, you know, to serve more like we talked about earlier, it is important that each and every of my wonderful guests, experts that have come on make an absolute killing when it comes to income and wealth so that they can serve others, especially like in Tim's case, what he's doing is he's taking his wealth and helping you to create your wealth.

Is that amazing?

It's like a direct transfer. It's a fun partnership. And will you go back to the greatest commandment? Love God and love others?

Yes, I love it. And I've loved this show. This has been phenomenal. Tim, do you have any parting words or words of advice for our wonderful listeners and viewers before?

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Timothy McNeely

Timothy McNeely

Tim McNeely is the CEO of The LifeStone Companies and consults with driven business leaders and select professionals. He can help you optimize your financial world so you can grow your wealth and confidentially take care of the people you love, the causes you care about, and change the world for the better.

However, what matters the most to Tim is meeting his wife, Dr. Dana Yeoman In seeing the frustration she had running her dental practice he set out to help make things simple....

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