From Inmate to Inspiration - with Guest Zachary Babcock

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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show.We have an amazing, amazing special, very special edition for you to day because my buddy Zachary Babcock is in the house. I cannot wait. We're bringing him on really, really quickly. Real quick, The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. It is a show by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to help you model success. And that's why bring people like Zachary Babcock onto the show so that you can learn from him. All you have to do is listen, take notes. Be sure to take notes. And then when the show is over, go back and review those notes and take action on those notes. Yes. Notes, notes, notes. Let's bring it out. Bring out the piece of paper, the pen. Stay with us. Through to the very end. You will not want to miss one moment and no more yakking by me. Here we go. We're gonna bring him on right now. Here we go.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight. Savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained. Big league qualified.

Brian Kelly:
And there he is, ladies and gentlemen, the one the only Mr. Zachary Babcock. I love it. How you doing, buddy?

Zachary Babcock:
What's up, Brian? I'm excited to be here, man. I'm loving the energy, dude.

Brian Kelly:
Oh, yeah. I love what I get to do. I kid you not to meet people like you. I know we met in person a couple years ago. We'll touch on that to meet so many wonderful people by doing this show. I am blessed beyond belief, brother. And, you know, to have the ability, the technology to bring you not to just myself, but to share you with all of my connections as well is a blessing beyond blessing. So thank you for spending the time to come on your brother.

Zachary Babcock:
Hey, thanks for having me. What I love most about what he says I love what I get to do. Now I have to do that. So, yeah, it's powerful. And those words are there.

Brian Kelly:
And there we go. Ladies and gentlemen, The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show the first one being what mind? And that gentleman, that is why he is where he is today, because of his big, beautiful brain, his mind and what he has done to cultivate it, to improve it, to and create a very empowering, positive and flexible mindset. You don't know exact, but I've been, like, stalking you since we met in St. Louis about two years ago, which is a great story in and of itself. We met at a Starbucks in our Target store, no less. And you just you really rocked my world in a good way and a great way. I would not have ever known you had ever done anything that would put you in a place behind bars. Had you had not said it to me, I would have known it. You have this incredible, wonderful, beautiful soul. I could see right through your it's just your amazing guy. And I'm so, so excited for you for what you've accomplished. Because the odds, man, they were stacked against your story is so compelling. I love that about, you know, where you are becoming one. You were like top sales guy in this department store and then you got promoted and that raise red flags. So they looked at you deeper so that you had a history and got rid of you real quick. I mean, how do you overcome something like that? What was that like?

Zachary Babcock:
Right on man, appreciate that, dude. And likewise, man, it's it it's got to be connect with good people. You know, I mean, it's it's always a blessing. He's always got to count the smaller things in life, you know? I mean, being dude, I mean, I talk about how that insistence, the term I wear, I got fired from being a convicted felon after getting promoted. It's a rocket for them that that turned out to be my power. That turned out to be the adversity that the dark times and suffering. That is what makes you who you are. Like, easy it becomes it builds the strength, the character, the mental forward to the mental toughness that you need. If if everything was just given to you, I mean, you wouldn't be enough and you wouldn't develop any type of skill and any type of resilience or any type of confidence. And so I'm grateful for all that stuff, man. It's it's it's truly made me who I am today.

Brian Kelly:
And, you know, looking back at something, literally, we can look back on it. We've all had our own ups and downs individually and you can look back. I do. And say, you know what? That it was hell to go through. But looking back now, that was actually a blessing because I wouldn't be where I am today, you know, working with people like you. Meeting people like you. Interacting with you. I mean, the positive mindset, man, I love entrepreneurs. It's like being in a second family. And that's what I felt like with you. Like you are my brother sitting across the table. You know, we're kneecap the kneecap there at Starbucks. Just having a nice chat. There's something special about this guy. And then following you for the next couple of years and seeing where you've come, I just. And I don't mean it's demeaning or any in any way, but I feel like a proud father, if you will, because I'm just so happy for you, man. You have really taken what what a lot of people would have just accepted the situation. You did the opposite. And that's what is so compelling. And I love to put you on a pedestal because look, ladies and gentlemen, if this man can do it, what's holding you back? I mean, seriously. And right between the eyes. Right. Because sometimes it does take really big hardships to kind of wake us up. Smack in the face like you missed you missed the delivery, the birth of your twin sons. Is that correct?

Zachary Babcock:
Yeah, yeah. That was it, man. That that right. That part right there. Missing out on their birth. I know it sounds crazy, but that's like the greatest thing that could ever happen to me because that pain that I went through, because I grew up playing football and I didn't have a father figure in ISIS, see all my friends, dads, you know, be there at practice. And I still wonder how did that feel and couldn't wait. Well, not only do that, but to be the coach of my son's football team and missing out on that, for being selfish, for making poor decisions, that pain got me to flip the switch and say, you know what? Everything right. My everything wrong in my life is my fault and everything. Right. My life is my fault. That extreme ownership gave me a place of power.

Brian Kelly:
Oh, that is that's powerful right there. Just that statement. Karene Willett, thank you for coming on once again. Excited for this interview. Good afternoon. And I love what Wanda Reynolds just said. Amen, in the past does not define us.

Brian Kelly:
Always reinvent yourself. Absolutely. Totally agree. And moving on, let's let's get past your story is compelling. It's amazing. Now, let's get into where you are today and what got you there. And what I want to get on is the mind. What what what did you do? What did you do to to nurture your mind? Was it reading books? Was it attending seminars later? Was it. All the above. Was it. What is it that you did. So other people can model and say, look, I need to clean up my my garden of the weeds up here and have it nothing or flourish with a bunch of beautiful flowers instead. Let's get those weeds out the garden. What did you do specifically to get out of that that situation in your mind, dude?

Zachary Babcock:
So if I just start over today knowing everything that I know now, but without the the relationship or connections that I built or any the money that I have now, the resource I deserve today, just knowing what I know now, I would I would do this would be the piece of advice I'd give myself. And that is first get really clear on who you are, like who you are to the core, because that's gonna be who you're gonna serve is people who you were yesterday or just starting out or anywhere in between. You're really clear on that. After I get really clear on who I am, who am I? Because that's more important than why you're doing it. That y is like the end or to get really clear on who you are. I the next thing I would do is get really clear on exactly what I want in life. And what I mean by that is I got a vision board right here that I'm looking at and Scott got visual representations of everything that I want my life, not just material things, but I got I got a picture of Photoshop, the coaches leaning down, talking to these kids on the football team. And I Photoshop my head on the coach's head and my son's name on the back of the jerseys. And that's a visual representation of me coaching the football team. You know, every single area of my life, it's a clear I know exactly where I'm going. So I get clear on who I am. I get clear on where I'm going now. I'm gonna get clear on why that's important to me. I'm gonna write this down on paper. Why do I have to make that reality? Because that's what's gonna get me to push the times where I don't want to get up out of bed at five a.m., where I don't want to go to the gym, where I don't want to write this email. I don't want to hop on this podcast, whatever. I'm going to push through it because I have strong reasons why I'm doing it now. And once I get all that clear, then I'm going to find the biggest, biggest problem that I can find and figure out how to solve it. The problem that people pay millions of dollars to solve. I'm going to find the biggest problem out there and I'm a solve that one problem and that and then I'm going to just going to drive that home and just go as hard as I possibly can.

Brian Kelly:
That's phenomenal, and I love the vision board concept. And I love what you did on the vision board because it brought back memories of coaching my son and football. I want to be to daughter and son, coached them both in tee ball. Anything I could. And basketball. And it's it's it's quite a wonderful feeling to be able to contribute to their lives and the lives of the little teammates, man. It's just. Nothing else comes close to that.

When you get to serve and help others like that and that's what I get from you, Zachary, is you love to serve and help others. That's what I got from you sitting across from you two years ago is that you just love helping people. How important do you think that is in one's success or lack thereof in their business?

I think it's also important, but I also think it's twofold. I think you've got to help yourself first and foremost. A lot of people, good people, a lot of good people, maybe don't either understand this or don't want to say because they think like it's a bad thing to be selfish first. But you literally can't fill up a cup from an empty cup. You have to take care of yourself first and foremost. And so, like, you know, have that drive you want to win so bad to be the very best at whatever is that you want to do and then have that drive to to do the contribution.

Contribution part is where you really get that fulfillment from. So like, really quick. Real, real real quick example, like above my computer screen right now, I'm looking at a plaque that was given to my mom. It's awards to Ferguson Citizen of the Year award. And we grew up in Ferguson, Missouri. And I gave it to my mom because she created this organization called Ferguson Youth Initiative. She started in 2010. My sister died of a heroin overdose.

This organization helps youth in the community take on leadership roles and then gives so many cool stuff. Right. And my mom died in 2015 shortly after getting this black. And this organization lives on almost five years later now to this day. That's her legacy, something that continues to impact people long after she's gone. That's that's what I want to model my life by.

Man, that's big. That's that's awesome. It's such an honor. I love the fact is that it's twofold. It's not just giving. And that's so important for entrepreneurs. Understand, especially those just starting out. It's not only OK for you to make money, it's your responsibility to make money. Because when you are able to make money, a lot of money, you can then use that, reinvest it and serve more people for those you that are worrying about it being selfish. I used to be that same way, Zach. I think everybody starts out like me. But it's all about me. I don't wanna make it about making money, but the fact remains it must be part of your overall goal and dream as you must make money. And in fact, I hope that this gentleman next to me, Zachary Babcock, makes a boatload of money more than he's making now. Way more. I mean, beyond fathomable imagination, because I know he's going to take that and turn it into more and more resources to help more and more entrepreneurs as he's doing right now. You know, they say money makes you more of who you already are. The more money you make. It makes, you know, just it magnifies who you are already are. And that's what I want to see happen. Zachary Babcock. I'd love to see a magnified Zach. That's gonna be an amazing guy. He's already amazing. But let's let's bring it even closer and bigger and wider and say this guy's changing people's lives right now. He's got a great client base. And I love the energy and your groups. Zach, you've come. So I have so many questions for you. And there's no way I could get them all through here tonight or today. I always have a I guess.

But. What would you say?

You know, there are certain keys to being a successful entrepreneur. It takes many different skill sets, right? There's a lot of there's marketing, sales, team building, scaling leadership. The list goes on and on where you work today. Right now, in your in your walk of your success, what would you say are the top three skills that have brought you where you are and that can catapult you onto the next level as you go forward?

Great question, bro. And Inheres, here's here's what I would say, first and foremost is to be able to identify who you are. Because I. Here's the deal. I'm a visionary. I'm like, if you want to get the corporate role, it's the CEO. All right. I'm the guy that has the ideas. I can develop the culture of the organization. I saw big problems. I am really good with relationships. Those are my strengths. Right. But then there's the side of the business where the systems and operations were that, Tony, that you played that role in our company, where they say they solve the small, finer details that that make the business run. They build the systems for like, you know, so say, for example, I'm selling I sell mugs. Right. And you go and buy this mug on e-commerce or. Well, after you buy it, then you receive that order. Then it has to get manufacture, then it has to be shipped out. But all these things have to happen in order for you to get this mug. I couldn't figure out all that stuff. There is no way, because that's not that's my weakness. I don't do that. You know, that bit that you need that for a business and every business you need systems in operation need your you for that role to thrive. And so, number one is figure out who you are as a person and then double down on your strengths and surround yourself with the people that complement your weaknesses. For me, for an example, Tony Banta, he's our he's our CEO. Dude, I didn't have him. We wouldn't be right right now, period, even though, like, I get, like, the credit a lot for a lot of stuff, which rightfully so.

But he deserves just as much credit as I do because he does so much for us, like all the things that I suck at. You know what I mean? So that's definitely figuring out what your strengths are going deep on that. I guess the technically answer your questions like my strengths. I feel like empathy is such a big one. Being empathetic and I mean that dude, because, like, I unless like unless you're listening to this right now, like you are or if you just were to see my posts or some, sometimes you might feel like this guy's a real do. But man, he's pretty intense, which I am a very intense guy and it's superintendence. But you might get ideas and they're like Manase guys can. And I do have that. I have I use like dark thoughts and emotions and stuff, all the stuff that we all have as humans. And I use as a strength of power because we all have them and I use it to do good stuff with. But if you just read my Facebook post, you might not know that I'm super empathetic. Versus like, I could sit here and I say this because a lot of guys don't. We had it, but we don't use it because we feel like it's soft or whatever. But I could sit in a group like, say, if we're talking with a group of five dudes at like a conference or whatever. All males. Right.

And I could pick up on the guy to the left of me feeling uncomfortable because the guy on the right is telling a story. He's making fun of someone for doing something. And the guy on the left does that on a regular basis. Now he feels awkward, like pick up a little things like that, which goes a long way versus selling, being able to figure out where people are and meet them, where they're at and help them get what they want. Sort of always looking at from my you look at it from an objective view. That's one thing. I got plenty of flaws, too. That's another thing. Like, I'm not scared to talk about my flaws. I play I called the name a shut up after this. I don't mean I ran on, but I called the Slim Shady principle. What is Slim Shady? Do he bag on himself? You can stop crap on him because he did it all to himself. And then if you put it all out to the forefront, then you're aware of your weaknesses and then you know what you need to work on in and kind of buy talk bad about you, because if you own up to it, they can say, you know. So those are some some things are that I bring to the table.

There are so many things in there that were so pertinent and great for lessons for those. Yeah. Thank you, Kareen. Emotional intelligence is a strength for men in business.

Absolutely. And that's what you are talking about, being aware of that person on your left being uncomfortable. I love that. And the other part was, you have no problem stepping aside from your own ego. For you to give that kind of props to someone else, your CEO. Oh, Tony, not not all. Not every guy will do that. And that is key for. And I know this because I know all guys all everybody has an ego. Not just guys. More, more so guys that than most that I would say. I don't know for sure. I haven't done any analysis on this. But ego is basically a cancer to anyone's business. And my personal opinion. If your ego is if it's leading the charge, then it's gonna be a long haul on the court. The sooner you can push that to the side and not only give credit where credit's due, but give you give the task and step back and be OK with it and let it happen. It's so easy to want to micromanage everything because this is my baby is my business. I mean, it was that a difficult thing for you to step back and say, all right, Tony, run with it? Or did it come a lot easier for you? Maybe because you've read a lot of books and you knew that you have trained your mind to do so ahead of time.

So that part was actually easy, was it because it was all things like these are all things I don't enjoy doing and I need help with because I got you know, we're gaining momentum and I came in all so so that was easy. But what you brought up with what I thought was such a great point was about the ego. So we all are going to struggle with it as especially as you start to grow and you start to get some success. Then you start to get this feeling of grandiosity and thinking like your crap on snake. Right, which is bull. And I've had to rein myself in. I still have to watch myself because sometimes I'll get super, you know, leading with the ego. And and it's like there's a fine line that you have to balance. So, like, how I like to do it is like in my preparation before it's time to actually perform for some to execute in my preparation. I like to study on this humblest can be I'm listening to all the constructive criticism, all the criticism, period. I'm looking at it from objective views, really honing in on that and being soopers humble as I possibly can be. And then when it comes time to execute, then I get super confident, almost cocky in a sense, when it comes to execution, because now we're done preparing. We did all the preparation. Now it's time to execute. And so then, you know, you got a bounce set. It's like a it's like we find that fine line as a kid of the lines, what the cross and what we can't cross. And then we spend the rest of our lives dancing, cross that line. And it's it's it's not easy. And we're all gonna make mistakes. But what you said about that ego is not getting too ahead of yourself. You got to rein yourself in. You got to constantly do that.

Totally. And yet the thing that's going on in social media right now is crazy. You can't say almost anything without someone taking offense, which has gotten crazy. Everyone's oversensitive. And and, you know, that's the thing. People don't that are making those weird remarks that are they don't fit the person that you are. I mean, I saw one recently and like. Yeah, but if you only knew this guy, you know, as I. Come on. I think there's something to be said there to being. Care, not just careful, be truthful and tell the truth as you see it, but there's no need to fan the flame and continue on. And it's just been a little bit.

Take him out. Out of control lately. And it would be nice if we could all just calm down a little bit and be there for each other. I know who you are to a core. Your brother, your you love people. You love helping people. And I'm the same way. And I think everyone can get get along and I'm just. So excited to have you on this show right now, I can't tell you because of where you've been, what you've done, how you've crushed it, absolutely crushed it, how you handle your business. I am a client of yours. I'm going to say that right here out loud. And I'm glad because you have a phenomenal system put in place. Tony's amazing. He's a rocker. You have a support team in place and you're changing lives. And that's what a true measure of a successful entrepreneur, in my humble opinion, is someone that's in there actually doing the work, not just talking and saying they can do it. You've done it. You proven it. You're a product of the product. That's very important, in my humble opinion, that you you actually do what you say, like affiliate programs. How many people jump on to an affiliate program and don't even own the product and they're trying to sell it? I don't I don't that that doesn't move my needle. I you know, I've done it in the past, a long time ago. And I decided, why am I representing something? I don't need to stand behind myself. I'm done. I'm not going to do that ever again. And so I know you're cut from that cloth.

I've I've followed like I said, I'm stuck in you, brother. I know more about you than you think. I know. I'm telling you. Good thing is, I have no no shady stuff to uncover at all. I have our great things to say about you and what you've done. And I just want everyone to know about you, your team, and know that podcasting has become one of the most powerful forums on the planet of getting the word out about your business. And I want to take you down that path a little bit, because I think I know the answer, but I don't know what you're going to say. So I can't wait to hear what you say to this. In my opinion and you know what? It comes to business to be not only creating a successful one, but then thriving that business and growing it and scaling it. Well. The lifeblood of any business is marketing. It's marketing, you know, without people getting it, without you getting your eyeballs to your business and seeing it and being able to experience it. Then why? Why bother? You can have the greatest store front on the planet with a glitzy lights and neon and and beautiful music playing. But if no one's walking in close enough, I can't see it. What good is it? Marketing is the the way to get the word out there. So for you, this is this is the number one. I mean, with this whole pandemic that's been going on, the number one, I've seen it time and time again. Companies, what are they cutting first? Their marketing department.

It's like you're cutting off your own legs. What are you doing for you?

Are Zackery like right now? What would you see for your business? This is for it so that others can model your success. What has been the number one form of marketing successful for you right now with your business?

Tim, I like the platform in and of itself or like like how do you go about, like, marketing?

Like you, Tom? I like using podcasts, for example, or concept that's working for you.

Marketing approach. Not nice to have to be a specific platform, chunk it up a little and just say, well, we we market the best form of marketing for us is.

Yeah, so absolutely great. Great question. So it's going to end up being paid advertising, we just started doing that literally five weeks ago and we're not, like, crushing it with paid advertising yet.

We're we're profitable, but we're not, like, killing it. Right. But we will be soon because we decided it and we're going to get better. But, you know, we built a thriving six figure business. We're scaling a six figure business, all based off of organic marketing. And here's the key from my experience. You know, there's a is there isn't a cookie cutter model. There's literally you can do. You could do it whatever works for you. Right. You know, but here's from my experience, and that is to demonstrate what you're doing. Like you said earlier, you're like you're the product of the product. I show people, hey, I'm not just showing you like this podcast's stuff like here. Here's our lineup for it till August. We got celebrities throughout the whole entire thing. I'll show you how to do it, too. Here's our download numbers. We got over 14000. We're going to creeping up on twenty thousand a month. We'll show you how to do it, too. Here's how. Here's a dish. Demonstrate what you're doing and then also demonstrate what you're doing for your clients. And that's it. This demonstrate your constant spiral upwards momentum. And then people are going to see it like I want that, too. And then it's it's a hard problem for a lot of people to figure out. It was hard for me at first. And so I figured out. And then now it's easy. It really mean that from bottom, it's easy to market the business now because you figured it out once. You just like selling. Selling is a hard thing to figure out at first. And then you land on this thing that you can help people with. And then you sell. And then once you figure out do it, then selling becomes easy. Like for me, selling is easy at this point. It wasn't, though, couple years back. It's kind of hard. Know, you just you just do it so. Yeah. Long story short, though, marketing is just to demonstrate what you're doing.

I love that. I've never heard anyone say that before. And I think that's powerful because it's kind of like, look, that that that makes it real, doesn't it, for a lot of people who are trying to fake it till they make it. Have you heard that before? And they will be they will act like they have something that creates great results that doesn't yet do that. And that's unfortunate. And I think a lot of the messaging will bleed that out and it won't be as strong and as solid. Like, for instance, yours is. There's no doubt. There's no way of looking at that. Go go find them on Facebook, go viral on any social media platform and you'll see all of it and go to his podcasts and see the celebrities listen to them. I mean, he's the real deal. That's what it comes down to, is that there's no more hiding under a false facade anymore.

He can't do it. It's impossible for anyone that wants to put in just a little bit of time of research. If you're not the truth and what you're doing, it'll be found out sooner or later. But you talked about, you know, figure it out. And I can just hear so many entrepreneurs who are struggling to get to that point.

You know, what is that process like? What do they have to do to actually finally get to the point of figuring it out? What were the hurdles you overcame? What were the things that made you want to quit that you know, what kind of inspiration can you give those who are in that position right now? They haven't figured it out. And they heard you just say that and they're gone.

I'd sure like to know how to do that.

Yeah. Dude, I love that you're asking the question, this is something I'm really passionate about. And the reason why is because I once put myself out there, I had a program. A guy that reached out to me is like, hey, man, I got this program. We did over 20 million revenues and a thousand successful graduates. Is for Legian customer acquisition scaling a business? At the time, I was broke as a joke, but we took this program, repurpose it with me, being like the face of it, because it was a proven program and we were actually having people coming in. But I felt like a scumbag. I felt like a sleaze. I'm sitting here trying to achieve what I'm teaching by teaching it. And it was just backwards, dude. And so I pulled the plug on it and said I couldn't do it anymore. And I went back to the drawing board and landed on what I'm doing now. So the advice would be it's not the sexy or by the way, either. And so it's the only way that you if you want to be legit, if you want long term lasting success, you want to build something that's truly amazing, legendary. You want to win, you're gonna have to do the work. And that is to find a valuable, tangible skill in the marketplace that they will pay for. For me, I'm trying to find the biggest problem there is, and I'm trying to solve it, because if I find the biggest problem that people are trying to solve, I could find a million other problem that people pay a million dollars to solve.

And guess what? Then I'm in there. So find that problem and then become a master at solving that problem. A master, you don't become a master. That's why I can't stand the click funnel community, the funnel hacker community, because their whole message is like they give that example off of catch me if you can. Words like where the cops asked them when they courtroom's, like, how did you fake being a college professor is like, why didn't need to know everything. I just had to read a chapter above and and then teach it to him. That's the worst advice I've ever heard in my life. The worst look. Check it out. At the end of that movie, that dude went to prison and so did I. I ain't trying to go back to prison, Swank. They could be an expert. I'm going to take the time to truly master a skill. Really become world class at it. And I'm going to beat out all the fake experts every single time because I'm. It's the talent and the skill and the results are going to speak for themselves.

Man, that is just so true. And yeah, maybe it's not sexy, but it's the truth. And that's what I love about it. Because here's the thing. Everyone watching, listening. If you haven't figured it out yet. All you need to do is become certain in what you need to do. And Zachary just gave you that certainty. It's all about certainty. You know, people want to know. They don't necessarily need the solution in their hands. They just want to be certain that the time and money they're gonna invest going forward or more certain, as certain as they can be, that the higher probability is a super high probability of success at the end of that. And Zachary just gave you the secret. I'm not. There is no secret. It's work hard. And look, the other part I loved about it was, you know, test the marketplace. Find out what the market wants before you go developing that new shiny object. How many times have you had a great ideas, actually? Oh, my God. Everybody's gonna want this and nobody wants it. Absolutely nobody. I've been there many times. And finally, you know, after all that I've taught from stage all the concepts I've read books and that maybe I should take my own advice. And I started getting feedback, people telling me this very show, the guests that came on person after person said, Brian, can you show me how to do what you do? And I thought, wow, the market's screaming and I'm not listening.

I better wake up. And so I. I created an actual program around everything you see in here. But there's a lot behind the scenes, as you're well aware of that. And we're gonna talk more about that, too, later. Not today on the show of. But yeah, it's about find the market, find what the market wants, number one. And then number two, work your ever living butt off and be passionate. You'll find something you want because you had none of this. Like what Zach's doing with this podcast I've seen under the hood. I've seen what he's gone through, what the process is. He's put in place. He's worked. He's put in the diligence. I mean, kudos, brother. And, you know, same on like side. On my side, it's like there's a ton of work that goes into this show. All you see is end result right now. But going before and then after, there's a lot of effort that went into putting all this together. And if you can find a way to systemize it, then all the better. But man, we're work bringing it to the last few minutes here. Zach, I know we got to be conscious of our time. There's one final question I'd like to ask every entrepreneur, successful entrepreneurs such as yourself that comes on the show. And it's interesting because it's kind of a it's kind of a deep question in a way. It's a personal question, but not in the way most people would originally think.

And before I do that, all I want to find, I want you to be able to give people a way to reach out to you. I have your Web site cued up. If you want to let people know exactly how they can reach out to you. Get connected with you. If you're an entrepreneur and you don't have a podcast, I will tell you. Hands down.

This is the guy. If you want your business to explode, then you need to connect with Zack. And on that note, Zack, how exactly can they do just that?

Appreciate you, brother. Ideally at the screenshot of the website and all that, do it. So, yeah, dude, absolutely. Man, the Web site is definitely the best place to get in touch. I would say come check out the podcast. Abasi, I'm super passionate about podcasts. Underdog Empowerment is the name of the podcast. You can check it out on any podcast platform that you listen to podcasts on. But to make it really simple for you and everybody, you could go to underdog empowerment dot com we're seeing right now. If you scroll, you may have to scroll down a little bit, but there's a little podcasting section and in that pod cast in six section, there's a red button that says subscribe. And you can subscribe on any platform that you listen to. Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play stitchery actually a little bit up. The reader's up a little bit right there. Boom. And you could subscribe on all any any platform that you listen to a podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Citral, whichever one you prefer. Hope to see you guys over there. Obviously, if you wanna connect with me on other social media, it's all right there on the Web site. Hope to see you guys on the podcast. And Brian, I really appreciate. Yes.

Oh, absolutely. I love. I love helping promote any way I can. Four people are making a difference like you are. And just because you know, I like you, so I get to do what I want. So.

So that's one thing. I get to do what I want. It's my show. I can do it. Oh, yeah. Thanks, Kareen.

One more question. I want to get Zachary. He's got a run off. He's doing lots of podcasts and there's a great strides behind us. Definitely hook up with Zachary. That's the number one most important thing I can tell anyone watching this. That's in business. Even if you have a podcast and you're not crushing it right now. This guy has figured it out. This guy right here, I'm pointing to the left on the screen. If you're watching this podcast, just imagine this handsome dude next to me, the cool hat and a really nice, long flowing beard. I love that thing.

And this one question, though, it's it can be personal. But here's the thing about it, Zachary. It's there is no such thing as a wrong answer to it. It doesn't exist. It does. In fact, just the opposite is true. And the only correct answer.

It's yours.

That's why it's personal. It's an amazing question, and however long it takes you to come up with the solution. The answer, your answer doesn't matter. Dead air time or not paying for this. This works out great. If it comes to immediately, great, different people react different ways. It's your way. It's your you know. It's my show. But it's your way.

All right. You. I'm like I'm on my heels right now. You've built up on my whole. What is the question?

So are you ready? Oh, you're right on.

Zachary Babcock. How do you define success?

Success is the achievement of all of a goal that you set out for yourself. It doesn't mean money. It doesn't mean what other people, term and society, deems as success. It's what you deem a success. So how do you figure that out? Well. What do you want in life? Get really clear on exactly what it is that you want. Kind of going back. Start going forth certain circles. Figure out who is who you are. And once you figure out exactly who you are, then figure out what it is exactly that you want, which is your success, and then why is that important to you? And then achieving that. And then here's how I define success. I don't necessarily have to succeed to be successful. Here's how I'm going to define success at the end of my life. I'm going to look back at the end of my days when I'm on my deathbed, close to death, and I'm going to look back on my life. And as long as I know that I did everything in my power to make my dreams a reality and maybe I didn't make all them reality, I'll be totally cool. I'll be peace for that. But I would not be OK if I look back and say, Oh, man, I left something on the table, I could. I could have did more. And maybe that's the reason why not. Have I if I have any of those types of regrets, then then that's a failure. But as long as I'm doing everything, I can make it happen. That's a success.


I mean, there's nothing I can say on top of that, because that is your definition of it. But I resonate with it. I a resident. No, Pask, this is show number one hundred and one, by the way. And of all the past guest experts, No. Two, I've answered it the same way. Isn't that amazing? That's crazy. It's that's why it's so personal. And yes, there is a book coming your way called How Do How Do You Define Success? It's gonna be a collaboration of all of these answers. I can't wait to get that pulled together. That's gonna be an awesome book. And you will be included. Mr. Babcock, if you will grant me the permission to include you in that.

Oh, yeah, absolutely do. I'm honored. You can get ask me.

I love it. Oh, brother, you've been phenomenal. And I just want to close it out real quick and give you one last hurrah, if you will, to say if you were to give advice to somebody, an entrepreneur who's looking to take their game the next level. And you could sum it up in one concept. And you you were sitting across the table like you're from me. What would that advice? What advice would you give that person to help them to get over the hump wherever they are at in their walk with entrepreneurship?

I mean, it would be different depending on where they're at in their situation. But some general advice to help people get over the hump is. Ask the right questions instead of saying, why is this crap always going to happen to me? That's asking the wrong questions and you'll start searching for the wrong answers.

But if you ask the right questions, what's the next best thing that I can do to get one step closer to my goal? That's the right question, because in your brain searches for the right answers. Dude, I still got to check myself. There's days where it seems like everything like, dude, like I'm a firefighter, like I'm putting out fires all day long. Everything that could go wrong does go wrong. And then I start to get pissed. And then, I mean, then I go. All right, hold on. I gotta catch myself. What's the next best thing that I can do in the situation? Maybe I can't control this stuff from happening, but I control how I respond to it. And if you can get to that level, man, you'll make leaps and bounds of of a gain.

Words of wisdom. I hope everyone was writing notes. I know I wrote notes. I'm running the whole show and I've got almost a full page of them. And I just love being able to interact with wonderful, amazing individuals. As you, Zachary. Thank you once again for taking the time to come on and provide value and boost and boost our viewers, you know, in their minds and give them hope, because that's what you do. You give people hope. And not only that, you give them then a vehicle to turn that hope into reality and results that they want deserve. And that would be through underdog empowerment. Dot com, don't forget. Go check that out and subscribe and listen. Scott amazing, amazing guests, you know, soon will be yours truly will be on there. So watch for that. All right. Yeah. With that, my buddy, I appreciate you. On behalf of the amazing Zachary Babcock, I am Brian Kelly, the host of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Until next time we will see you once again. Be blessed, everyone. So long for now, P.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body Disney shows the show with Brian Kelly.

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Zachary Babcock

Zachary Babcock

From over five years in prison to 6 figure+ business owner, Zachary Babcock helps entrepreneurs launch, grow, and monetize top-shelf passive income businesses and personal brands. Zachary has interviewed over 100+ celebrities and alpha entrepreneurs on Underdog Empowerment, and he has a broad perspective from both extremes of life.

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